Do you ever wonder what happened? A few years ago it seemed as if you could barley control your sex drive, and now even thought the drive is still there, it’s not nearly as strong as before. This could be a result of many different things. It can often mean that you are suffering from low testosterone levels or maybe even a decreased libido. Don’t give up hope quite yet, and you don’t have to turn to the pharmaceutical companies to solve your problems. That is what the major drug companies want you to do. Before you throw in the towel, it is worth trying out some of the proven natural testosterone products.

Male Extra is a product of Applied Nutrition, and it is considered a libido enhancer. By increasing your libido you can increase your sexual drive and even your sexual performance over time. This product does not claim to turn you from dud to stud over night. In fact Male Extra unlike many other Libido enhancing supplements doesn’t make surreal promises, and the consumer reviews were mostly positive.

This being said, like any other fitness supplement everyone will experience the effects on different levels of intensity. Just because one product works wonders for one person it does not mean that the next miracle supplement has been discovered. That is why we take the time here to review and research the supplements so that you the consumer can have a basic knowledge of each product that is reviewed so that you can make the best choice that will benefit you the most when trying out a testosterone booster.

Expert and consumer reviews

Male Extra works in a three phases:

Greater sex drive and sexual desire
Increase blood flow, which means longer lasting erections
Improved performance and stamina

Male Extra claims to be developed by a doctor. These days there are so many false claims coming from advertising and marketing companies that throw out the word doctor to help bring reassurance to the consumer. I’m not implying that this is the case with Male Extra, but it is a possibility. I was not able to find the name of the doctor that helped develop Male Extra. Basically, before you believe everything you hear or read sometime it is worth doing some research of your own.

Money back guarantee

Applied Nutrition offers a money back guarantee to anyone who tries their product Male Extra and is not satisfied with the results. This is not very common among testosterone boosters. But because the claims of Male Extra are fairly simple the company feels confident enough to back up their product with this guarantee.

If you do try Male Extra and you are not happy with the results you see then simply mail the rest of the continents along with the receipt back to Applied Nutrition and they will mail you a refund check.

Quality ingredients

The main ingredient in Male Extra is L-Arginine, which has been shown to increase blood flow and circulation. When L-Arginine is when stacked with Yohimbe (which is often the case with most testosterone boosters and libido enhancers) the results often lead to longer lasting erections and a boost in your sex drive.

Male Extra is sold online for as cheap as $20 ranging between $20-40. Each bottle contains 75 liquid gel capsules and the recommended dose is 2 capsules taken twice a day. Male Extra is a product that seems to meets its claims as to being a libido enhancer, but if you are looking for more in a product than just increasing your libido then I would recommend checking out other products that can help you gain lean muscle and increase libido all in the same supplement. Welcome to - your online plain text editor. Enter or paste your text here. To download and save it, click on the button below.

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