Bad body odor is no friend to man. While male sweat contains chemical pheromones and testosterone that usually makes him more attractive to the ladies, an unpleasant body odor is one of the largest turn-off's there is for women. If the body odor is centralized in the genital region, it may also be a sign of something seriously going wrong downstairs. Take some effective steps in eliminating the problem, including washing regularly, using professional products, and increasing vitamins for genital health. If the problem persists, talk with your physician or a specialist for advice.

Washing techniques

Washing regularly sounds like a no-brainer, but it's more complicated than you might think. Showering and bathing removes sweat and grime, gets rid of dead skin that can buildup as smegma on the penis, and also keeps skin bacteria in check. However, studies by St. Mary's Hospital Medical School in London show that men who wash their genital region frequently with soap are more likely to develop inflammatory skin conditions such as balanitis. It's great for men to wash and stay clean every day, but when washing the penis be gentle and thorough, use natural soaps if you have to use soaps at all, and wear breathable underwear to allow moisture to escape.

Body care products

Men who suffer from body odor, especially downstairs, are often tempted to use more and more body care products such as deodorants, colognes and antiperspirants. These provide a short-term solution to get through the day, but in themselves they are not an answer to the problem. More than anything, relying on body care products to mask a bad smell might be masking an underlying problem as well. Not to mention the skin on the genital region is highly sensitive and prone to inflammatory reactions when in contact with artificial chemicals. Unless otherwise stated on the label, deodorants and antiperspirants should never be used on the pelvic or genital area. Natural deodorants containing minerals and essential oils might be better tolerated, but always test a product on a small patch of skin first before applying on large parts of the body.


Sometimes bad body odor might be a sign that it’s time to do some spring cleaning -- and not around the house. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and responsible for up to 5% of all detoxification of toxins and metabolites. When the toxic load in the body is heavy, sweat is more likely to take on a foul stench. To speed up the process and encourage the kidneys and liver to take up more of the slack in the detoxification process, encouraging other modes of elimination other than the skin, take up some dietary and lifestyle changes. Drinking more fresh water and fruit juices, increasing the roughage and fiber in the diet, as well as leafy greens. Studies show that chlorophyll, the pigment that makes leaves and plants green, is effective in reducing both body odor, faecal odor and bad breath in humans. Chlorophyll can also be ingested in the form of supplemental chlorophyll, chlorella algae, wheat grass or spirulina.

Health checks

If a man is starting to notice a funky smell, it is important to get it checked that it is not an underlying medical condition. Several diseases are associated with changes in body odor, including diabetes, infections and sexual transmitted infections (STI's). Diabetics have high levels of sugar in their blood stream when the condition is not kept under proper control, so both their sweat and their urine is sweet-smelling. By contrast, infections can result in foul-smelling body odor. Yeast infections may result in a slightly fishy smell, while other STI's are just unpleasant. According to one Russian study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2011, women can tell the difference between the body odor of a man who is healthy and one who is not, and often find the smell of a man with an STI more unpleasant than the smell of a healthy man. If noticing a bad body odor, it doesn't hurt to get it checked out.

Penis Health Crèmes

Health crèmes can be applied directly to the tissues of the penis to promote the health and integrity of the skin. As well as pleasant smelling from the natural oils and antioxidants that specialist formulas use (most professionals recommend Man1Man Oil) the creme helps to balance oils in the skin and provide nutrients for immune function. Shea butter as a base promotes healthy skin and has proven anti-inflammatory properties, while vitamin C, E, A and L-arginine support cardiovascular, immune and sexual health. If a man is needing to improve his body odor, skin health and immune defences against pathogens, a penis health creme is a great product to try.

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