How long does the average orgasm last? What kind of distance can a man get from a forceful ejaculation? How do penis vitamins and minerals affect the ability to experience sexual gratification? While almost all guys know what an orgasm feels like, they have little idea of what is going on behind the scenes. Men can test their penis knowledge with these 8 fascinating facts about the penis.

1. Orgasm and ejaculation - not the same thing

Most people - men and women included - assume that an orgasm and male ejaculation are one and the same. Actually, the male orgasm generally takes place several seconds before the ejaculation itself; and in fact, men can experience an orgasm without ejaculating at all - good news for guys who were wondering whether they can come multiple times.

2. Orgasm statistics

The vast majority of men - at least 75% - achieve orgasm on a regular basis, either through masturbation or during intercourse. On the other hand, only about 50% of women achieve consistent orgasms. On the other hand, men believe that they have given their partner an orgasm about 85% of the time - so either a lot of guys are fooling themselves, or their partners are good at faking it.

3. Ejaculatory distance

For guys who are all about competition, here is an interesting figure. A highly aroused male can ejaculate up to 28 feet - at least, this is the longest distance recorded.

4. Women aren’t the only ones who can have multiple orgasms

Guys often envy women for their ability to come more than once during a session, but the truth is that with a little patience and a lot of stimulation, men can do it too. They may or may not ejaculate a second (or third, or fourth) time, but with the right handling, men can keep going longer than they might think.

5. Recovery time

While younger men are more likely to ejaculate more than once in a short space of time, the refractory period for guys after a single ejaculation is between 1 minute and one hour. The ability to go more than once depends a lot on physical fitness and overall health, so men who are going for volume should eat right and get plenty of regular exercise.

6. Guys have a G-spot, too

Men can achieve orgasm through g-spot stimulation, as can women, although this special spot may be a bit more difficult to get to. The small, marble-sized bump is located about 2 inches or so inside the anal opening, and stimulating it can lead to intense sexual pleasure.

7. Premature ejaculation

Men often worry about ending the session too soon through premature ejaculation, which is typically viewed as coming in under two minutes. On the other hand, this is really a matter of perception; some couples think that a quickie is just fine, while others would prefer to draw out the moment. In order to make it last longer, guys can experiment with various techniques and positions and learn to control their orgasms.

8. Vitamins and minerals may improve penis sensitivity

The erogenous skin covering the penis plays a huge role in the experience of sexual pleasure. Circulation, skin tone and texture, and the number of healthy nerve endings located under the dermal tissue has everything to do with penis sensation, and keeping these factors in working order can affect the ability of a man to enjoy sex. Treating the organ with a penis vitamin formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help to keep the skin well-hydrated, support nerve tissue health, keep away infections that can cause inflammation and soreness, and give the skin a smooth, supple even tone and more attractive appearance. A penis vitamin crème that can be applied daily works best for optimum results.

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