Love doesn't need any intellectualizing. The mind is not capable of reaching this dimension. The mind can talk about it. The mind can philosophize about it. The mind can create thousands of theories of love. But realize that no theories, discussions and philosophical concepts can bring something really valuable into your life, right? Only alive experience is able to color your life. Only alive experience can bring something essential into your life. The mind thinks but only the heart knows what love is. Only your heart knows what it means to be loved. Only your heart knows what it means to be in total togetherness. Only your heart knows how beautiful it is to be in silence with your beloved.

I am completely for the love-affirmative approach. What sticks you, what touches you, what pulls you when you see your beloved? How to explain this miraculous moment? How to reduce it to simple explanation? Sometimes just one glimpse is enough… Just a play of laughter… Just the charming timbre of voice… Just a beautiful curl of hair… Just the sense of humor… Just the way of walking… Just the way of feeling… Just the spark of eyes… Just the smell of perfume… No matter what, just one second, and you are in a mysterious trap of love, right?

Love is the communion of hearts. Love is the symphony of togetherness. Love starts singing, and you two listen to this beautiful melody of aliveness. Since this moment you are not alone. Since this moment you are not an island. The beautiful unit starts crystallizing. You are accepted in your individuality. You are needed in your individuality. At this moment the dancing life invites you into its swirls. You become bridged with your beloved, and love start flowing between you two every second.

And don't lose the amazing moment of arising love. Dive into this miraculous atmosphere. Dive directly into this dimension. Don't think. Don't philosophize. Don't put labels onto this phenomenon. Fully immerse into your love. Fully dive into the energy of love. At this moment you are not, but only love exists. Absorb all this divine revelation of love and share this experience with your beloved.

Share with your beloved this flame of inner treasure you have attained through this miraculous experience. Share with your beloved the warmness of your heart. Bring a bit more love, laughter, softness and sensitivity to your beloved.

And don't think that I am talking to somebody else. I am talking to you! Still running, running, running on the periphery of your life? Why not to dive into love? Listen, love is not philosophy but alive experience you can have, you can breathe in, you can enjoy. Dive into love with all your totality, otherwise you will miss the main treasure in the world. Let's add a bit of love, warmness and aliveness into the world of seriousness and head-oriented attitude. Why not?

Squeeze the juice of love every second of your life. Breathe your love with your beloved. Dance your love with your beloved. Touch your love with your beloved. Sing your love with your beloved. Taste your love with your beloved. You and your beloved are very needed for the divine existence because you become the poles, the polarities. Between you two the energy of love starts flowing. Nobody else can breathe this divine experience of togetherness on your behalf. Nobody else can create the bridge of love on your behalf. Only you two are responsible for your life and for your love. Dive existentially into the alive vibrations of love!

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist System ™ and the author of several books: "The Sun Freezes Without You™", "The Dancing Physicist System: When Life Dances With You™". He is the Vise-President of cosmeceutical company, Master of Science (MSc) in Theoretical Physics, entrepreneur.