Relationships between man and woman are one of the great mysteries of our world. A mystery can never be explained, can never be reduced to logical interpretation and can never be rationally understood. Love is a very fragile phenomenon because what has real intrinsic value in the world is very fragile. Any efforts to rationalize, intellectualize and philosophize about this mystery destroy the true core of this thin phenomenon.

If to cut a flower into several parts to logically understand the mechanism of flowering, to understand what parts of this flower spread aroma, what the chemical structure of this aroma is, then the aliveness is gone. One can assemble and disassemble only a plastic analogy but not the alive flower. The synergy of the flower’s life is destroyed and the dance of life disappears.

When man and woman fall in love, then language is impossible to express this beautiful atmosphere. For those who are truly in love, words are useless. For those who are in love, the silence of the moon is enough. For those who are in love, a fresh breeze from the sea is enough. For those who are in love, the colorful passage of the sunset is enough. Without any words, those who are in love can speak through their hearts.

When two hearts meet each other, a new phenomenon is born that did not exist before. When two hearts meet each other, a new mystery comes into existence. This mystery comes from nowhere and at the same time from everywhere. Life starts flowing between both poles - man and woman. A woman when she is beloved becomes no longer the same woman. A man when he is beloved becomes no longer the same. Both relate to the mystery of a new unit called love. Both belong to the
new phenomenon called love.

Instead of talking ABOUT the relationships between man and woman, dive into this beautiful atmosphere, dive into the true energy of life. Touch the hand of your beloved… Sing the song of love… Dive into the depth of the eyes of your beloved one… Dissolve into the silence of togetherness… By being in deep affinity with your beloved, you start flowing with the dance of love and you start dissolving into the universal music of love.

In this divine togetherness everything changes. When you take your love as a mystery to discover, then everything becomes mysterious for you: the slow waltz of passing clouds, the beautiful song of a bird in the morning, the whisper of leaves… Everything becomes truly alive for you.

When you fully live your love, when you dance your love, when you sing your love, when you touch your love, where are the absurd questions about the meaning of love? This dance is the meaning of your love. This song is the meaning of your love.

And in this symphony of two hearts suddenly time stops… Each moment of love becomes fully enough into its sacredness. Each moment of love becomes unique itself. When you drink fully every moment of love, then you leave nothing to regret in the future. Out of this unique moment of love follows the next one.

Don’t take your beloved for granted, otherwise the true intrinsic relationship is finished. Your beloved has always been a mystery. Dive into this endless mystery. Don’t run on the periphery of relationships, dive into the true core of them. Go inwards your relationships. And when the whole universe starts dancing in the dance of your love, then
the honeymoon never ends! Meditate over this…

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist System.