The kidney plays a vital role in the human body. Kidney filters the blood of our body and this filtration process removes toxins, waste and excess fluid from the blood. Healthy kidney also produce urine, produce hormones, control blood pressure and keep bones strong.

Chronic kidney disease starts due to the various comorbidities and improper lifestyle of any person. It's a progressive disease that causes irreversible damageto kidney over time and may get worse which leads to kidney failure.

A kidney friendly diet, managing health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension and avoid smoking may help your kidney function better and longer, even when you have kidney disease.

There are 5 stages of Chronic Kidney Disease

Stage I - Start of kidney damage
Stage II - Mild decrease in kidney function
Stage III - Moderate decrease in kidney function
Stage IV - Severe decrease in kidney function
Stage V - Kidney failure

What are the major causes of CKD?

High Blood Pressure
Traumatic injury with blood loss
Enlarged prostate that blocks urine flow
Heart or liver failure

Who are affected by kidney disease?

Diabetic person
Genetic disease
Auto-immune disease
Birth defects
Person with multiple disease

Now it comes when someoneis diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease/ Kidney failure, people have only 2 choices left:

Dialysis (Haemodialysis/ Peritoneal dialysis)
Kidney Transplant

Dialysis is a continuous process which can help people live but needs to done in a continuation, whereas kidney transplant is the best option for end stage renal disease patient to live a happy life again without dialysis, but with few precautions.

Haemodialysis is a machine process under which complete blood from the human body is filtered by machine because your kidneys are not capable enough to do so. This dialysis process starts with once in a week and in severe cases, alternate days.

Kidney transplant is the best option to adopt; this gives you freedom from dialysis process and even makes your life happy and fit.

In today’s world, success of transplant ranges from 90-95% which is huge. Even if accepter blood group doesn’t match with donor. There are options for ABO incompatible transplant with almost equal results.

Ways to slow down the progression of kidney disease?

Don’t smoke
Take medications prescribed by doctor
Start a kidney friendly diet plan which includes limiting high protein, saturated fats, phosphorus, potassium and sodium foods.

The best ways to manage chronic kidney disease without dialysis are:

Adopt a healthy lifestyle
Kidney friendly diet
Avoid smoking
Kidney Transplant

In case anyone is suffering from End Stage Renal Disease/ Kidney failure, suggest them to arrange a kidney donor and get a kidney transplant done by renowned experts.

It's the best way to get rid of dialysis problems and make your life even happier and comfortable.

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