Are you feeling stressed? The mind and body rely closely on each other when it comes to maintaining good health.

For the physical side of stress, it can be beneficial to take multivitamins with extra B-complex vitamins. Check with your healthcare professional to see what they recommend. If you are under the care of an herbalist or holistic practitioner, ask about herbal remedies for stress that may be helpful. Aromatherapy has been around since the beginning of civilization in one form or another. Aromatherapy is the art and science of using extracted oils from aromatic plants to improve health and beauty. Essential oils can have subtle effects on one’s mind and emotions aside from the physical benefits. They can be used in baths, compresses, vapors, diffusers and massage.

Lavender is the most popular for stress relief. It affects the chemistry of the brain in ways that help relieve insomnia, stress, depression, irritability and anxiety. Ylang Ylang is a floral that is known to have a calming effect. Peppermint lifts the spiritsand energy level. Rosemary is also a energy stimulator. Chamomile is wonderful as a calming tea, mild pain reliever, and sleep inducer. Pregnant women should always be wary of using essential oils. A few are very safe, but most are not appropriate for pregnancy as they are stimulants.

One of the easiest ways to relieve stress is to practice proper breathing. Most of us do not take rhythmic deep breaths when we are stressed. A brisk walk outdoors will also be helpful. If you practice yoga and deep breathing, you will find your stress disappearing and your body toning up as well. Yoga is not a religion, but a physical exercise which benefits mind and body. Many hospitals are now offering it to their patients and the doctors are even joining in the classes! Regular “quiet time” or meditation is a healthy practice and comes in handy when you need to separate yourself from a stressful environment or from anxiety. Take a 60 second break and imagine yourself walking on a sunny beach or watching a sunset. Take a 5 minute vacation and visualize yourself wherever you want to be, doing whatever you want to do. Enjoy the moment. Give yourself a mini-massage, rubbing your forehead, neck and arms. Laugh out loud and stretch a few times.

Give yourself a pep talk if you need to boost your morale. Turn on some lively music and dance or sing along. Make sure you schedule some time to relax. Many of us are not sure about what relaxation truly is. You must give yourself permission to washing clothes, no washing dishes, no watching television, no talking on the phone... just be. If you think of something that must be done, jot it down on a list for later. Put on some loose clothing, scent the air with a calming, pleasant aroma and take a nap. If you can’t sleep, stare out the window or just close your eyes. Mentally tell each part of your body to relax. Treat yourself to a warm, fragrant bath. Light a candle, stare into the flame. Treat yourself to fifteen minutes of “self” time each day. Take a leisurely walk after dinner. Find a quiet corner and read your favorite book. Relaxation is part of the cure for stress-related illnesses. Learn to relax and put life’s stressors on the back burner.

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Cathy brings more than 20 years of education, training and business experience to the field. Cathy holds two degrees in the field of education and has studied psychology, coaching, training and marketing through workshops, coaching programs, and conferences around the country. She is trained by Coach Training Alliance. Cathy is a member of the US Life Coach Association, AAHC,CoachU,Coachville,American Union of Neurolinquistic Programming Practitioners,Total Life Planning Institute and the National Association of Professional Women.

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