Have your read the book ‘The Power of Full Engagement – Managing Energy, Not Time is the Key to High Performance’ ?

After reading Think and Grow Rich, I have literally enjoyed reading this classic book and this really has been a topic close to my heart.

Somewhere while browsing the web, I saw Life = E-Mgmt and I did not too much of an attention at that time. And now it makes sense after reading that book.

What is the management of energy?

In my words, it is the way you conduct yourself on a daily basis. It is how you divide your time and mind to all activities that pull you through the day.

So why do you have to manage your energy levels ?

Until recently, not much attention was given to how your spend your various energy levels. Concentration was on managing your time efficiently. There are tons of book and articles all over the world on managing time. People have spent numerous hours on reading these and this has worked for some. But when you talk to people who have managed time, you can understand that while they have been able to divide their time in getting things done, either they are way too exhausted in doing so or they have a sense of not being happy at the end of the day.

There is a shift in paradigm now. Folks around the world are changing their thinking that it more important to manage energy levels that you earn money if you need to live a happy and successful life ahead. People understand that there is a fixed time in a day and it is more important on how happy and energetic you are at the end of the day while getting your work done.

In-fact, I can say that it is more important to manage your energy levels, if you need to be able to earn the cake and eat it too!

For a second, close your eyes and look back at all that has happened in your life. Do you feel that there were too many instances that you have not been able to present yourself, times when you could only be physically present and mentally tired, or you have avoided opportunities just because you were not able to stay alert?

Now, was all that because you did not manage your time well or you did not manage your energy levels?

You got it right and that is why it is important to focus on your energies.

Various Energy Levels?

This book, The Power of Full Engagement talks about 4 different levels and how to manage each one of them, Mind, Power, Spiritual and Emotional. Each of these energy levels will be discussed under separate topics outside of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

In my opinion, balancing physical energy by giving the body the break it needs it the most important to balance the other 3 energies. Unless you are physically optimal you cannot work on the other 3. Regular Exercise and healthy eating habits are major contributors to a balanced physical health.

Taking regular break from work (at least once in every 4 – 5 months) is a great way to totally un-winding your mind from the ties and to recuperate your mental energy.

Believing in the supreme energy and meditating a few minutes a day, balances your spiritual energy and keeps your sub-conscious mind calm and cool. It also helps to keep your emotions under control.

There are various advantages with a regular practice of focussing on energy management. A few worth mentioning are

Better concentration
Able to stay alert thru the day
Able to be a contributor instead of being an observer
Increased levels of satisfaction

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