Online doctor consultations are quickly picking up demand nowadays as more health back up plans offer telemedicine services to help cut expenses. For many individuals, Ploutos Med Services are the trusted and well-known home for quick medical advice where they know they will locate amending contact. It associates them with all that they have to take great care of themselves – surveying medical problems, finding the correct specialist, acquiring meds, storing health records or adapting better approaches to living healthier.

Our doctors are capable of addressing a wide range of issues and can also harness the power of Ploutos as the definitive platform that helps them build their presence, grow establishments and engage patients more deeply than ever.

We believe that primary healthcare should be accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic status. Our consult doctors anytime service aim to bring customized and flexible healthcare to everyone and guide the masses on healthy living through innovative technological solutions, combining the expertise of a team of multidisciplinary doctors and accomplished technology team.

Why Choose Us?

You can chat with doctors online and can get quick medical advice.

Call + chat privately with a verified doctor, and get a response in 5 minutes.

In comparison to our services, traditional healthcare services are very costly.

Ask a doctor service is free with 100 % privacy guaranteed.

We guarantee that you will have 100 % satisfaction with our services. No matter how complex your medical questions, we’ll help.

We are dreamers and thinkers rolled into one. Together, we want to improve the healthcare experience for all humanity. We are guided by our qualities and driven by our saying to do awesome. These are not only standards for our services or our organization, yet they are an impression of our identity as individuals.

Today the process of getting medical advice and care is far more complex than the care itself and we are making that easier. Be well prepared for travel, unforeseen medical situations and emergencies with us and save money, time and lives.

Like the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure and we aspire to create a self-sustainable healthcare ecosystem, which encourages best medical practices to reach common man and permeate through the various strata of society. Our expert team understands that a mammoth task like healthcare for all can only be achieved by perseverance, innovation and adaptability and has integrated these values in their working model across teams.

So, consult online doctors anytime and get quick, detailed medical advice and answers from expert
online doctors straight from anywhere.

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