As a little business, you’ll tend to make your website using WordPress. For people who don’t know what WordPress is, it's a content management system that creates it easy for its users to use it.
It is an internet site builder that will allow you to make an awesome website through the utilization of its page-building features, use of plugins, and widgets.
A viable option, although not exclusive, for WordPress-based websites is to use a managed WordPress hosting.
This type of plan means the hosting providers will generally take care of WordPress itself and keep it up so far. This comes with a better degree of security, which may be vital for a little business.
Now, let’s mention why web hosting is vital for your small business.
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1. Website Downtime
The best thanks to preventing your website from experiencing downtime are to use web hosting. As a little business where every purchase makes a difference, you’d hate it if your website experiences downtimes which will cause a loss of sales.
This is the last item you’d want and may happen very often when not exploring your options properly. At an equivalent time, frequent downtimes are quite common albeit you are doing use an internet hosting provider.
This is why it’s important to explore your options and always choose the simplest service out there.

2. Safety & Security
As a little business owner, it might be in your best intention to remain beyond internet threats that manifest within the sorts of viruses and security breaches.
Hackers are pretty common nowadays since everyone can have an internet site without knowing about the potential risks. One wrong click and your entire system are compromised with a keylogger that you simply haven't any idea it exists on your PC.
This is a security risk that has got to be addressed instantly, otherwise, the prices are going to be severe. As a matter of fact, cyberattacks aimed toward small businesses cost on the average $200,000 for the owners.
As much as 34% of all cyberattacks are aimed toward small businesses, so it might be in your best interest to travel through an internet hosting provider which will provide you with the required safety and security.

3. 24/7 Customer Support
People expect you to be online for them at any moment of the day. While this is often true for giant corporations and large brands, it's also true for your small business.
And while nobody will disagree if you don’t respond at an unusual hour, you are doing expect your hosting provider to reply whenever you've got a problem together with your website.
This is quite possibly the only mistake that you simply cannot make when choosing the simplest provider. If you select an as long as it doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support, then you’re certain a ride of your life.
You’d be surprised to ascertain the number of problems that will occur together with your website on a daily level. Frequent downtimes, low speeds, you name it.
If you don’t have a reliable hosting provider that doesn’t provide 24/7 customer support, then your life on the web is going to be hell.
Never accept anything but 24/7, and always ask this question.

4. Better SEO
Website ranking is sort of possibly the only most vital thing you ought to know from a non-hosting aspect. Ranking on Google is of critical importance for your business, and particularly for a smaller business.
This is all right down to SEO, and it might take an entire article on its own to completely explain it to you. What you ought to know is that a reliable hosting provider will increase the SEO ranking of your website. While other factors play a hand, do know that a reputable hosting provider can make a difference.

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