The byword here is control and how much of you want to have over your account. There are generally two sorts of investors in the market, and this is stretching the terms over a wide demographic of buyers and sellers over a range of commodities and markets all over the world. Now on one side of the fence is the active investor, who wants to have as much control as they can over their portfolio, dictating the trends of their investment psychology and choosing which commodities and markets to attack and just what type of strategy to use to make the most money from them all.

There is another breed of investors, and these are the people that prefer to earn a little less, but have their accounts managed as a passive solution to beef up their primary income. Now within this range is the investor who likes to take the long view, still very much in control of their trading account, buying mostly long term commodities or futures, and making the money off the difference much later on. Then there are those who much prefer to just open up a managed account in a bank or an established brokerage, where they can then just allow the financial operators to manage their account and take a percentage of any profits that are made.

This is a low risk option because it is in the best interests of the financial company to ensure that the money in the account grows. The more that grows, the more they earn, so both sides of investors are happy. The investor gets money from basically not doing anything at all, but earning a percentage of what they could if they were to do it on their own. Now there are certain benefits to a managed account, and this is called the rolling effect. It takes a little time, but within a few years, you would have a substantial passive income from these managed accounts of yours. This is for those who have only a modest start up margin to put in.

Normal managed accounts would return you about half or 50% of what you would normally earn, and you need to be smart and use the profits to open up as many managed accounts as you can. Choose your markets and your commodities wisely and make sure that the portfolio is low risk and there is a guaranteed rate of return. So when you can build up this momentum and have a few managed accounts running and overlapping each other, you will soon be in a position to have generated a large passive income over time.

Of course, the option to invest yourself will make you more money faster, but there is a higher risk there. Just with any other investment option out there, risks and rewards go hand in hand; no risk, no reward, as the old saying goes. So there are benefits to a managed account, just as there are downsides. Look at them both and decide for yourself.

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