The origin of anger is part of an ancient emotional response to threatening input from the environment. We have always needed anger, mired in fear, as a mechanism for increasing adrenaline in order to solicit a “fight or flight” response when appropriate.

Though still useful under the right circumstances as a reactive state of being, it is while living under relatively recent fast paced and impersonal social conditions that anger has evolved into as much of subjective part of our emotional psyche. And when you add outside influences such as alcohol, drugs and excessive emotion, anger can turn into an unreasonable and inappropriate offensive state of mind, which can result in unexpected, explosive bouts directed at those nearby or innocent parties with unfortunate timing.

Being that anger is a subjective emotion, however, it therefore can be managed by solid, conscientious decisions to maintain control over your state of being. How far you allow anger to infect and control your thought processes and actions is as much a matter of choice as anything.

When anger arises, for whatever reasons outside of life or death situations, you are the only one who can cast a net over this “beast” rising from within your heart and stop it before it snowballs into inappropriate or detrimental proportions. Remember, you are far bigger than you’re anger and this too shall pass!

Whatever adrenaline enhanced ire and frustration you may feel, is nothing compared to all other positive aspects of your life, or your value as a person! Put things in perspective; anger does not deserve the power to waste your emotional energy, hurt others or destroy relationships!

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by anger, do yourself a favor; mentally and emotionally step outside of the moment and separate yourself physically from the atmosphere that created this mindset. Visualize yourself walking out of the fog in your heart and into a nice, calm place of emotional reprieve…and, believe it or not, you will begin to feel yourself going there.

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Don Neviaser is a Certified Life Coach and author, utilizing both careers helping people move beyond restrictive mindsets and debilitating self-perceptions to a place of inner unity, appreciation and gratitude for who they are and what they are capable of; all in line with who they really are; their True Self!
He has been writing for 35 years and to date has published 4 self-help books that expound on the power and effectiveness of perspective and an attitude of gratitude in making all the difference between existing or truly living from the heart.