Managing Anxiety at Work: Coping with Anxiety at Work - Work Related Anxiety

Work is one of the most common causes of anxiety globally. The web of relationships, duties and office politics could be almost unbearable to many. The fear of getting fired, coping with annoying bosses and the worry of not being able to do your job effectively and getting the backlash from your bosses, are just some of the many things which could cause workplace anxiety.

Why does the workplace cause Anxiety? Basically it is due to the structure that the workplace creates around you. Consciously, you may be forced to agree and conform to the structure, but subconsciously, you may find yourself rebelling in some ways, trying to escape from the rules, duties and policies which your company may have set. Additionally, dealing with a multitude of relational factors coming from all directions such as your customers, bosses or co-workers can push just about anyone to the edge.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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You must realise that you are not alone, nor are you the first to be feeling such anxiety in the office. There are many triggers in place in the workplace but luckily there are many ways to tolerate, come to terms with and even enjoy your workplace.

Firstly, take frequent breaks out of your office. During lunch, do not coop yourself in the office. Instead, leave the building and look for a nice outlet to eat and relax in. Go out with your co-workers and talk about everything under the sun unrelated to work. When you need a short break, do not hesitate to take one.

Secondly, drink lots of fluid.

Thirdly, do not rush to work and back home. Get in the office early to beat rush hour traffic. This may sound simple but you would not imagine the number of people who actually stress themselves just rushing to work day in and day out.

Forth, talk to your boss. Explain your problems with the workforce and try to reach a compromise. If your boss values your time and input, he will try to reason out a solution where everyone wins and he will create an environment where you will feel good coming in everyday and working in.

Lastly, if you really cannot bear the workplace anxiety, please do change jobs. This may give you a fresh start with your new boss and will give you the time you need to adapt to new changes. Choose a job which suits you better, and which you truly and genuinely enjoy doing, and not just because you are paid well for doing it. Also find a workplace with a good corporate environment in a company which genuinely cares for its employees.

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I have written this article for the family and friends of Anxiety and Panic sufferers, not for "the anxiety sufferer" as I know some sufferers will not seek help for themselves and other sufferers are convinced that what they are experiencing is Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

As I can imagine it is painful to watch someone you love and care for deeply go through what may appear as quite self destructing. Of course it affects you and takes its toll on you especially if you are living with a sufferer.

I saw what it was doing to my husband (who nearly lost his job due to me constantly calling him telling him I needed to go to the hospital or I needed him to be with me). I saw my family's heart just sink as they watched me lose my job due to my anxiety and panic disorder.

I wouldn't go visit them (they lived out of town and I was too frightened to travel). I couldn't look them in the eye because I always felt I was gasping for air and I knew very well I wasn't a pretty sight for the eyes. And of course I really did hate hearing "you're over re-acting".

If you are reading this then you are clearly looking for some answers for your loved one and I truly commend you for caring so deeply for their well-being. What you are doing will not be forgotten and one day they will be strong enough to thank you for your support. I also believe in karma, what goes around comes around; no good deed goes without reward.

Here is how you can play a part in helping your loved one to become well.

1. Never tell the sufferer they're over re-acting. I can assure you what they are feeling is pretty dam frightening and the sensations are real. By informing the sufferer they are over re-acting will only agitate and upset them and may even make the panic attack worse.

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2. When the sufferer is having a panic attack get a wet washer and place it on their forehead and around their face.

3. Stay reassuring and let them know they will be OK

4. If the sufferer constantly asks for trips to the hospital and visits to the doctor, get them to write out everything they think they are suffering from. Every ache every pain. Be persistent in the fact they must not miss writing down one thing. Hold onto that piece of paper and schedule a doctor's appointment for them. Accompany them at the visit and be firm with the doctor that you would like this investigated further. Sometimes there can be an underlying illness that has triggered the anxiety and panic disorder.

5. Guide them to information that can help them with Anxiety and Panic Attacks (The more they are educated on Anxiety and Panic Attacks the less frightening the attacks often become, especially information that is written by former sufferers, it assures the sufferer they are not alone and they really can overcome it)

6. If they ask something of you that is unrealistic or interferes with something you already had planned, be firm and say no. You need your time too.

7. Don't become "their crutch". If you run to every beck and call they will not learn to help themselves. And as scary and frightening as it might be, the only way they will become well again will be through helping themselves.

Ensure that while caring for an anxiety and panic sufferer that you also take time for yourself. Your health and well-being is important too!

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is different from a regular attack. It brings all your anxieties in an extreme level and can make you more prone to anxiety disorder and depression. The effects of the symptoms are you easily feel irritated, stressed out and anxious.

This article provides you the easy remedies to solve GAD.

Tip 1. Accept It

You have to first learn how to accept it in order to solve the anxiety. Do not run away from it but accept the fear and you will realize it does not actually do you any harm. Accepting it will actually help to ease your mind and to handle it better.

Tip 2. Take A Break

People who are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder are because of stress and have too many problems in their head. They will start to feel depress, irritable and experience muscle tension when they keep pushing themselves to the limit.

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When these symptoms start happens to you means it is time for you to take a break. Try to relax and get yourself away from the stressful situation. You can go for a holiday with family or friends.

Tip 3. Change Yourself

The way you live has the direct impact on GAD symptoms, what kind of foods you eating (unhealthy food), the way you think (being negative) and the living environment (stressful and hectic).

First look at what you eat, balanced diet is important to us therefore you should stop eating unhealthy food like junk foods, fast foods, and drinks that contain caffeine. Include a routines workout, which will keep you fresh and able to stay focus.

Stop being negative, you should expect and accept think with an open mind to solve generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

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Consumer alert, as loosely regulated, highly commercialized energy drinks are victimizing those who believe the hype. Serious health issues are being noted by innocent consumers who bought into the false claims surrounding these potentially dangerous drinks.

The ingredients of high energy drinks revolve around massive doses of caffeine, inordinate amounts of sugar and other unnecessary so-called vitamins. Two small drinks containing the "vitamin rich" ingredients often lead to severe reactions such as vitamin toxicity, especially concerning B vitamins (B6 and Niacin). Another ingredient known as Guarana is basically another form of caffeine, adding to the existing overload of caffeine in this potentially dangerous cocktail. This adds up to concentrated doses of caffeine, greater by nearly nine times the amount in coffee. This is not only risky to those who are already prone to anxiety but dangerous to one's physical health as well.

Side Effects of Energy Drinks

- Severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Increase in DP and OCD symptoms.

- Serious Heart Problems including cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac contractions and cardiac arrest.

- Dehydration caused by extreme sugar content.

- Insomnia, nocturnal panic attacks, sleep disturbances. heart shakes.

- High Blood Pressure

- Tremors

- Irritability

- Mood Swings

- Vitamin Toxicity

- Palpitations

These so-called energy enhancers create more mental and physical problems than the imaginary benefits they offer. Sadly, many are drawn in by the commercialization of these products and victimized by very frightening reactions.

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B vitamins are helpful when taken correctly but it has been cited that merely two energy drinks have resulted in levels greater than daily recommended allowances, resulting in flushing of skin and often B6 toxicity. High sugar levels impair absorption of fluids in the body and often lead to dehydration.

Emergency rooms are filled with those who believed a little energy boost would help them negotiate their day, only to experience severe, interfering symptoms of anxiety, panic, unreality and contractions of the heart.

Most deal with occasional sleepless nights, hoping to summon additional energy the next morning but have learned it is best to deal with fatigue through a more natural approach.

Fatigue Busters:

- Drink plenty of hydrating fluids.

- Moderate exercise, preferably outdoors.

- Nutritious Meals, (lean protein, whole grain and fresh fruits)

- Do not skip meals.

- Frequent Exercise breaks.

- Proper rest and full night sleep.

- Stress Reducing Techniques

- Sunlight

- Breathing corrections.

- Hot beverage, rather than highly caffeinated drinks

- Correct Circadian Rhythm by healthier sleep routines.

An overload of caffeine seems to last interminably long for anyone who is prone to anxiety reactions. Therefore, these highly caffeinated formulas must be avoided at all costs by anyone with a history of anxiety or anxiety related conditions such as depersonalization, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or irritable bowel syndrome.

Above all, Buyer Beware when it comes to these potentially dangerous products. Read the warnings and believe them. Any product with the capability to interfere with the rhythm of one's heart and/or central nervous system is not to be treated lightly.

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