As organizations demand more and more from their people these days, time-pressed employees have to scramble to keep up. You may not be able to make the day any longer, but you can take steps to replenish your energy. Often, employees think that making it through the day using effective time management is the formula for success. It’s only part of the formula. Have you ever thought of managing your energy as much as you manage your time? Use these four simple tips to help you work smarter and prevent burn out:
1. Take brief but regular breaks. Step away from your desk every 90 to 120 minutes. No matter how busy you get or how much your time is in demand, take a walk, get a drink, or just stretch your legs, sit in the sun and meditate.
2. Reduce interruptions. Perform tasks that need concentration away from phones and email. Instead, designate and schedule specific times in your day to respond to messages. Let your people know that you return phone calls between the hours of . . . Don’t be afraid to turn off your phone for an hour.
3. Do what you love. Understand where your strengths lie and what you enjoy doing. Find ways to do more of those things and less of what burns you out. There’s nothing worse that being stuck in a job you are not passionate about. If you are one of these people, managing energy can be an uphill battle.
4. Plug into the overall mood. Scan the overall mood of the people you are working around. Ask yourself the question, “will I benefit by plugging into the mood?” If the overall mood is positive, by all means, jump in. If the mood is negative, stay away.

Begin your day doing daily affirmations or by reading an inspiring quote. Listen to uplifting music on the way to work. Keep in mind that remaining conscious during the workday is essential to managing your daily energy. Pay attention to how you feel and what’s going on around you. Stop yourself on occasion and analyze what you’re doing and the emotion behind it and ask, “is this productive.” During short breaks, assess how you’re feeling and adjust your thoughts to improve your mood. Remember, stay away from excess sugar and soda pop and Vitamins B and D and exercise are effective, natural ways for enhancing your mood and your energy and for coping with stress. Learn more success skills here.

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With over 15 years of executive level, leadership experience, Dan has extensive proficiency in business development, marketing, operations management and sales. His collaborative and humanistic approach to business has been the catalyst for much success in various fields and building meaningful businesses. Dan is passionate about business and driving innovation, profitability, efficiency and growth. His Strengths Finder 2.0 theme accurately describes a strong strategic acumen. Coupled with strategic thinking ability, he also is a talented change leader, executive coach, self-starter, creative problem solver, with excellent team building skills. What’s more, as a 21st century business leader, he possesses the necessary written/verbal/graphical communication and technology skills for success.