Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to determine overweight and obesity. Body Mass Index is a figure which is calculated by using a persons weight and height. An adult person with BMI between 25.0 and 29.9 is considered overweight and an adult person with BMI 30 or higher is consiedered obese.

For most people, body mass index correlates with the amount of body fat. However, BMI doesn’t directly measure body fat.

There are two causes for obesity:
1. Obesity resulting from excess fat and
2. Obesity resulting from water and waste product deposits.

Obesity resulting from excess fat is due when we take in more calories than we consume. If we don’t excercise and we eat lots of food which contains lots of fat and sugar, then we don’t consume enough calories.

Obesity resulting from water and waste product deposits happens when the balance between acids and alkalines in our body is disturbed. If we eat lots of food which produce acids (meat, coffee, sausages), our body stats to buffer the acids with minerals and stores them with water.

In this process, the fat cells work as “trash cans”.

If we want to loose weight effectively, the first thing to do is to go through a thorough deacidification of the body. When our body has lost acids and waste deposits properly , we can prevent metabolic products from being stored again.

When we pay attention to the both forms of obesity - obesity resulting from excess fat and obesity resulting from water and waste product deposits - we can loose weight with permanent results. There is no weight loss without loosing toxins and acids!

Today, we take in more energy and calories than we consume. There is more food available than before and our everyday life requires less physical activity than before.
Nowadays we do not simply need as much energy as our ancestors did. Also, our society has turned very “food centered” compared with the time of our ancestors: today food is considered to be a source of enjoyment rather than a source of survival.

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Annukka Huotari has been involved in the beauty and health industry for past 13 years. She has gained experience on beauty care and also pre-preventive health care.
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