Stress management could produce inner peace within when you become a neutral caring observer of the challenges in your own life. (The term neutral caring observer was coined by someone during his doctoral research on spiritual intention.) As a neutral caring observer of stressful conditions, situations and life in general, you could gain objectively a clearer, sharper and more focused point of view. With a clearer perspective, you would most likely have more alternatives and choices for problem solving which would help you reclaim and renew your peace of mind. Being a neutral caring observer includes 3 easy ways which gets naturally easier through constant practice.

1.) Decide to be neutral--Be objective, even systematic in your observing. As you begin to observe, choose to remain unbiased. Do not criticize or judge easily. Assess without taking inventory and neutrally observe others. You can also neutrally observe yourself, your losses, your wins, your strengths as well as your failures with equal acceptance. 2.) Decide to be caring with yourself and those people around you. See through the eyes of love and kindness. Foster care and compassion. Loving and caring is your roots for optimism, resilience and acceptance. Without the attitude and attention of caring, you could simply become judgmental and critical, thus losing the many key benefits of neutrality and its practices.

3.) Decide to be an observer--watch closely and look around you. See what is presently happening and let yourself see it as it really is. Watch everything and the dynamics in action. As a watchful observer, you might build lively curiosity about how different stressful events and conditions are happening and displaying in your life. By observing, you can have two ‘tracks’ playing in your thoughts. On track is yourself as an observer, quite removed from the action even while participating in it. And the other track is of yourself participating in your decisions and actions of your own life.

As you get involved and participate in every stressful circumstance, you might feel shaken. Yet being the neutral caring observer of yourself could resume in observing from your central of peace. However, when you function as a neutral caring observer, you are peaceful, balanced, calm, relaxed, unshaken and in harmony with those around you even though things around you are shaking. With patience and persistence as a neutral caring observer, you create and cultivate an inner core of loving yourself, accepting yourself in spite of your faults, and eventually you will develop a keen and clear observation of your surroundings.

You are in a much better and more advantageous position to make wise decisions and solve problems relating to stress. You prevent the stressful and disorderly frustration and chaos with this simple and effortless yet powerful tool of reducing stressful situations for inner peace. As an active participant in situations relating to stress, pressure and hassles of everyday life, you would probably be able to relax more and move in to a peaceful center immediately because of the practice of being a neutral caring observer.

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