Asian weddings and particularly the Indian weddings overseas are well known for their mandap decorations. It is the traditional way to bring out the message of being together forever. And thanks to this well known tradition, there is a high demand for customary theme based and Asian inspired weddings at overseas locations. What it requires is careful planning and organizing for different things like cuisines, venue decoration, stage decoration, wedding car hire and dresses selection for different occasions.

Thematic mandaps are always the eye catching inspirations for wedding decoration in Indian weddings. The good thing about this is that you can experiment with huge number of themes and decorative ideas. You can choose for a crystal mandaps, metal one, created from crafted woods or something that has been erected based on your bespoke choice of style and material. Internet could be a good source for the getting ideas on how to decorate the mandap to get the best of the look to mesmerize the invitees. You can also hire a wedding decorator to plan and design the entire venue for your big day. But for that what you need to do is plan and decide on your wedding theme whether you want it to have like traditional Indian weddings or any thematic wedding, you can opt for the contemporary style wedding or the sophisticated one that suits the event at most. There could be hundreds of option to choose from and you need to find out which one is fitting your taste best and your budget of course.

There is no doubt that beautifully designed mandap can convert wedding occasion into a standout event. The mere fact is that your occasion which is already considered as a special can be at cloud nine with the extraordinary Asian wedding mandap decoration. No other thing related to wedding could replace the magnificence that such mandap can bring to your wedding. And as such type of wedding are getting more and more popular overseas, well decorated wedding mandap London cold became a talk of the town, something that you can cherish for rest of your life.

There could be so many different ways by which you can decorate the wedding mandap like you can do it with the help of the traditional props like silk or cotton drapes, diyas and lanterns, traditional rangoli made from the colorful flowers or simply decorate it with the flowers all around. Flowers like marigold and rose have higher value since generations for the decoration as it gives the message of happiness and prosperity. However, you can use all modern style flower decoration with jasmine, lily, tulip and white orchid. The same decorative theme of mandap you can apply to the stage decoration to get the best of likeness at venue. Lightings are another impressive element that could enhance the overall look of the decoration.

Mandaps is a company which provides variable ideas and implementation of wedding mandap decoration. They try to immerse mandap as the center of attraction on your wedding day. From their website you can find the gorgeous mandaps that has been decorated by the company in the past to get an idea or you could come up with your own imagination that a company can source for you, because it is your wedding day, after all.

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Mandaps is a leading events company specialising in stylish and exceptional weddings mandaps and events. They provide a variety of stage decor solutions and packages for both the traditional and modern bride and groom.