Mandarin Ducks in Feng Shui are a pair of ducks – usually figurines – kept in a home to attract love and marriage. Mandarin Ducks are also known as Love ducks. In reality, Mandarin Ducks are one partner ducks and once they get separated, they won’t be able to live for a long period. In Feng Shui, they symbolize love and passion amongst couples. In Chinese culture, Mandarin Ducks are referred to as Yuan-Yang.

Even today, many people strongly believe in placing this Feng Shui enhancer for making bonded of Love strongest. For singles, the pair of Mandarin Ducks enhances your chances of finding perfect love partners; for lovers, it brings you marriage opportunities; and for married couples, a pair of Mandarin Ducks brings a harmonious environment with no separation between the partners. But, it is not just that you can place a pair of Mandarin Ducks in your home and they will start to attract love, fortune and passion into your life.

You need to make sure that the ducks are placed as per rules of Feng Shui. The correct placement – of Mandarin Ducks is important. If you are married and having some “tough time” and “glitches” with your life partner, then keeping a pair of the Ducks will help resolve all issues. Your intention for the new relationship is very important and you need to know exactly what you want.

Feng Shui = Intention + Favorable Energy + Ritual

Uses of the Mandarin Ducks for a better relationship, love and marriage life:-

  • To enhance love, marriage and romance luck, Mandarin Ducks should be kept in a pair in the romance corner of the home i.e. living room, bedroom, and work desk or in the South-West-the universal love corner.
  • If you are single, in order to attract a new love partner this Feng Shui item should be placed on the same side of the bed by facing each other.
  • If you are married, to enhance or preserve an existing relationship the Mandarin Ducks should be alongside each other and be placed on the husband’s side.
  • For a happy marriage or love life and to ensure blissful unions, display the Mandarin Ducks symbol in the Nien Yen or Romance direction based on your Kua number (Eight Mansion Theory).

Never place Mandarin Ducks separated or alone from their mate. If are in search of true love, install mandarin ducks at your abode right away. The favourable energy of pure love emitting from the figurine or picture of mandarin ducks will positively help you to solve all love and relationship problems.

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The author describes the uses and benefits of Mandarin Ducks feng shui Item. It enhances the love life and brings romance, luck.