You have the ability to pivot under any and all conditions. But most of you are habitual in nature, and your patterns are so well entrenched that at times the fastest path to the joy you seek is for you to take your pivot as you sleep. By reaching for good-feeling thoughts before you go to sleep and then experiencing the benefit of the quiet mind that occurs while you sleep—and then upon awakening, immediately turning to good-feeling thoughts—you can accomplish the ultimate Pivoting experience. --- Abraham

In order to fully understand this quotation you need to understand how your subconscious mind works. Your subconscious mind works all of the time whether you are sleeping or awake. You know it is working because as you sleep, your subconscious mind provides all of the necessary energy needed to keep your heart and other vital organs working while you are sleep. Because of the demands of life, you may not find the time to quiet your mind so that you can focus on you , focus on your prayers and other things that are important to you and your manifestations. Believe it or not, sleep is the perfect time for all of this to take place. It is perfect because while you are sleeping your conscious mind can not interfere with your thought process and sleeping is an automatic state of relaxation, the perfect time for meditation and communication with the higher self to take place.

The next time you need clarification, direction or you need to communicate with your higher self on any matter and you cannot find the time in your day to get it all done - do not worry. While you are laying in bed, drifiting off to sleep and naturally in the process of relaxation, begin your communication process with your higher self then. I pray each night while I am drifting off to sleep and it is also during that time that I ask for all that I need to continue on the path that I am on. Try it and let me know how it works out.

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Deneen Blocker is a Metaphyscian, Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach Trainer. Her unique life coach training program can train you to become a Life Coach, a Spiritual Coach and a Law of Attraction Coach. Visit the website today to gain more insight.