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If you haven’t heard of flower essences, you may be amazed to learn about this powerful modality; many people have been astonished by the results they experience. Those who have been using flower essences for a long time are often still surprised by how easily and incredibly they continue to manifest what they want and wonder how more people don’t know about this form of energy healing. While flower essences have become quite popular in several parts of the world including Europe and Australia, many people are yet to experience the power of flower essences.

Flower essences have been a part of nearly every ancient tradition since the dawn of time. In the 1930’s, Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopath, created the modern line of flower essences known as the Bach Flower Remedies, a set of 38 flower essences. He also created several flower essence blends including Bach’s Rescue Remedy which can now be found in markets and stores across the world. In the 1980’s, Australian naturopath Ian White created the Australian Bush Flower Essences. Now, there are many different flower essence brands featuring flower essences from all over the world.

Flower essences are created through one of a variety of methods where the energetic imprint of a flower is potenized and stored in water following some of the principles of homeopathy such as potency and dilution. Flower essences are thought to be a form of energy healing and impart certain energetic qualities of a flower to the user of the flower essences. Flower essences have been created from hundreds of varieties of flowers from all over the world from remote rainforests to local gardens.

Flower essence practitioners study flower varieties to determine flower signatures such as shape, color, and texture. These flower signatures often correspond with certain emotional states. By matching a specific flower variety’s energetic quality to an emotional state, someone taking a flower essence could restore balance to their emotional state by imbibing the corresponding flower essence. For example, if someone was feeling depressed, a flower essence practitioner may prescribe flower essences that lift depression using flowers that capture the qualities of sunshine, warmth, and love.

How can flower essences be used to manifest your desires? Flower essences are the perfect complement to the manifestation process because they can help clear blocks on a subconscious level. For example, if someone desires a certain career but hasn’t been able to manifest it, he or she could take a flower essence to remove specific fears around the career they desire using Bach’s Mimulus flower essence. After one round of Mimulus has been used, he or she could evaluate what feelings and emotions arise regarding their desired career. If there are beliefs surrounding inadequacy or lack of resources, Desert Alchemy’s Evening Star flower essence could be taken for those aspects. After taking a series of flower essences over the course of several weeks or months, he or she may notice a subtle but powerful shift taking place and may choose to take Perfected Manifestation©: Lily of the Valley by La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences to further enhance his or her ability to manifest the intended career.

It is quite common to start noticing synchronicities and serendipitous events occurring after taking flower essences. You may be motivated to take inspired action, leading to even more success in the areas you desire. This combination of inner work and outward action will start creating noticeable successes. Oftentimes, if you commit to doing the real work of identifying what you want and use flower essences for a few of the obvious blocks you can see, other hidden blocks often rise to the surface and can easily be dissolved using more flower essences which provide the emotional support to make decisions more aligned with your desires. This process often starts creating an upward spiral where one thing after another manifests until everyday life becomes so aligned that you operate from a feeling of being a successful person rather than someone who experiences an occasional lucky break.

If you are initially starting out with flower essences and don’t have a specific goal in mind, you can work on larger, more general issues such as fear or uncertainty; healing these helps many different aspects of life on a daily basis. Bach flower remedies for fear include Mimulus for a fear of specific known things, Aspen for a fear of unknown things, Cherry Plum for a fear of losing control, especially of one’s own thoughts and actions, Rock Rose for the kind of fear that feels paralyzing, and Red Chestnut when you fear bad things happening to others. Bach Flower Essences for uncertainty include Cerato when you don’t trust your own judgment in terms of making decisions, Scleranthus for difficulty in choosing between two options, Gentian when you feel discouraged by even the smallest of setbacks, Gorse when you complete hopelessness and have given up, Hornbeam for feeling overwhelmed by burdens, and Wild Oat when you are uncertain about your path in life and are at a crossroads.

If some of these feelings are ones you can relate to strongly and could use help in overcoming, you may choose to take up to 4 flower essences at a time. Ideally, you may want to start with one flower essence and focus on one key issue. As you notice your progress, you may choose to stop using that flower essence and start working with another one for another issue. By clearing larger, more general issues of fear and uncertainty you will help build a foundation of strength and courage from which to make better decisions.

Manifesting what you desire is easy once you can operate as a successful person on both a conscious and subconscious level. There are many tools and techniques that help create that level of alignment between the conscious and subconscious and many of these tools and techniques are quite effective. For those who have tried other techniques and haven’t experienced the level of manifestation success they desire, I would highly recommend trying flower essences as they may be the specific tool you have been searching for all along. Flower essences can also work in conjunction with all of the other modalities you currently use because they work by resonating harmonious energy and can accelerate and fortify results you experience from other techniques.

Flower essences are often taken for a few days or weeks at a time to allow changes and transformation to take place; sometimes if changes are happening more quickly than you can integrate into your life, you may opt to stop taking that particular flower essence for a while or take it less often. Once there is a noticeable difference, you can stop taking that essence and evaluate where you are at that moment and try a new flower essence if there is something else you want to work on. Once people start noticing the difference flower essences have made in their lives, many people incorporate flower essences as a tool throughout their lives, at times taking one or several essences for a few weeks or months within each year.

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Meghan Lane is the founder of Manifest with Flower Essences ( - your source for the latest and most interesting information about flower essences. Meghan is a writer, marketing manager, avid hiker, traveler, and flower essence enthusiast in her mid-thirties. She is passionate about various energy healing and manifestation techniques. She is a Certified Life Coach and a journaling workshop leader.