When you want to manifest money, or anything else in your life, it is important to remember to ask for what you really want, and not what you need, or think you should want.

This is important because, when you manifest, you use your emotions as a way of communicating with your subconscious mind, along with images of your preferred reality.

If you find that when you are attempting to manifest something, you are having problems feeling the emotions you would feel if that reality were already manifested on the physical plane, then you need to ask yourself if what you are attempting to manifest is what you truly desire.

In life, it is easy to feel pressured by the expectations of others, be it our family, friends, or the society we live in. Those expectations can make us feel that we should be manifesting things that are acceptable to the people around us. We can end up trying to manifest what is expected of us, rather than what we truly want.

So, the key here is to ask yourself before you manifest anything - what is it that you really, really want in your life right now? What would make you so happy if it became a reality that you would be filled with wonder at how amazing the Universe is, and how beautiful your life is?

If the things you are manifesting don’t evoke those kind of feelings then you are not asking for enough.

Your heart knows what would really make you happy. Only by listening to your heart can you find your true path. The life of your dreams.

In the case of money - don’t waste time attempting to manifest money if the amount of money is only enough to get you by. Ask for the amount that would really make you happy and allow you to have all the things in life that you dream of.

If the amount of money doesn’t excite you, then you are not asking for enough, so ask for more. Don’t concern yourself with what others would think, or if they would consider this amount too much, or greedy. The truth is, you can do a lot to help others with money in your pocket. Being poor doesn’t get anybody anywhere.

When you visualize that exact amount - and remember to be specific - you should be able to feel it, really feel it.

This raises your vibration to match your intended outcome and in doing so you are claiming that reality as real.

Your subconscious mind will accept the reality as real, because you are feeling it as real, therefore, your outer reality on the material plane will begin to change to reflect the new reality.

Manifesting using your emotions is the key to manifesting money, abundance and prosperity in your life. Your emotions are your inner guide, letting you know if what you are aiming for is right for you.

When you are manifesting the right thing for you, you will know because of how you feel about it.

So ask for what you really want - only you know what that is, and only you know what will make you happy. And you do deserve to be happy……don’t you?

Author's Bio: 

Deb Schwartz lives in London with her daughter and two cats. She loves art, music, animals, travel, reading, and creating her own reality. Deb owns http://www.easilymanifestmoney.com helping others create a life of abundance.