Learning to manifest your ideal life is wonderful, but there is an important step that many people leave out. They forget to leave room for the universe to bring them something even better than what they are asking for!

This article assumes you've already studied at least the basics of manifesting your desires or using the law of attraction. Once you've had a thorough look at how you can harness your own amazing power and become a co-creator of your life, it's important to accept the following:

Your conscious mind is not, has never been, and never will be in full control of your destiny. Most of your power is held within your non-conscious mind.

What's more, the universal force (also called divinity) is not a drive-thru window. While we can master the ability to attract and direct energy into the events and circumstances we prefer, our egos and identities are ultimately a small part of the life process.

Here is where things get a bit paradoxical. The fact is while the idea of intentional manifestation appeals to the masses, only the spiritually mature can grasp the finer nuances.

The course of our lives is directed primarily by our higher minds and the intelligent universal source energy. You and I can do amazing things with our focused intentions but the truth is we are "only" steering, and not in full control of the life experience.

Please understand: This is not the disempowering statement many people will see it as.

In fact the opposite is true. Accepting our role in the unfolding of eternity is very liberating.

We have and can learn to exercise tremendous power over our destiny. But what we call "free will" exists only in our conscious minds.

Remember the statement that our brains process 400 billion bits of data per second, while we are consciously aware of only 2,000. It is therefore clear that the part of our mind that has preferences and desires is but a tiny portion of our overall brainpower.

So we can't possibly see the whole picture from where we stand now. For this reason there will be times when what we think we want is not what will truly serve our highest good.

And when our core intent is to experience our personal best it's possible that our higher minds will override our egos so we can get what we truly want, but may not realize we want at the conscious level. You'll understand what I'm saying if you've ever experienced what looked like a disappointment only to discover shortly thereafter that your results were really an incredible blessing.

For instance: Have you ever lost your job when you really needed the money and then a few weeks later found a job that paid you three times as much?

Or at an even more profound level, you may have had your heart set on a particular job that you didn't get. You felt crushed, and literally betrayed by life.

Then a few months later you learned from an inside source that the job you thought you wanted actually would have required you to do things that totally go against your highest values. In this scenario your greatest good was served when someone else received the job.

These things happen all the time. What may at first look like failure, disappointment, and etc. can often turn out to be miraculous fortune.

Part of spiritual enlightenment is accepting the fact that you can't see every possibility from your human vantage point. It is this realization that forces you to trust the highest good and be content with doing your part to the best of your ability.

... Or Something Even Better ...

Because we can't see all possibilities it's important that we remain open to higher or divine intervention. As long as our intent is to find the greatest possible good our life will unfold in a manner that serves us and allows us to contribute to the world at large in a very positive and impactful way.

And during the process of manifestation the way we can stay in tune with the greatest good is to remember that life is infinite potential. It's great to focus on exactly what we want, down to the tiniest details; but I strongly urge you to maintain the attitude of...

I'm so grateful for this or something even better!

You can say it, write it down, or just adopt it as a general attitude. Looking forward to exactly what you want or something even better takes your ego out of the equation, humbly honors the force of nature/divinity, and removes tension and blockage surrounding your desires.

In this manner you will live a life of plenty. You'll get the things you want in most cases, and other times you'll get even greater blessings than anything you could have thought to ask for.

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