Manifesting is a form of Co-Creation with God. Esther Hicks, Bob Proctor and many others talk about "THE LAW OF ATTRACTION." Many are doing it, but are they getting what their heart's desire?

When you point your finger at something and say, "I want a house like that." You say it with passion and emotion. You experience what it would feel like to have that beautiful home, maybe envisioning your family having breakfast and Christmases together. Then let it go. Totally surrender. Do not think that you don't deserve it. Once you let it go you have to stop pulling back your vision to you to dust it off and change it or add something else. Trust that it will happen. Have the HOPE that The Universe will take care of it. Consider the process complete. Let it go.

The Universe will bring it to you. That is the way it is done. This is how I got husband number 2. It is also how I got my dream job as a flight attendant right out of high school. It is also how I bought my first house - exactly the one I pointed at with passion.

Here is the difficult part for so many: if you constantly doubt that you can get this thing that you want, or you think it won't happen, these negative thoughts will prevent you from getting it. You have to feel what it will feel like to have what you want to manifest and know that it is done. Your prayer has gone out to the Universe and a win-win situation is being revealed for this to occur. This situation has to benefit another for this to occur. We are not alone in the Universe, we play in a sand box with many other people. Others must benefit as well. That is why the orchestration of our wishes sometimes takes longer than we would like. The other possibility is that you are not ready for what you are asking for. You have a goal in your site - a car for example. Cut a picture out of a magazine that represents what it is you want. Put it on your refrigerator. Or even better read my book and learn how to do a Manifesting Board!

Put your photo in a prominent place where it can be seen by you several times a day. Focus your attention and passion on it. Feel what it would feel like to have it. Enjoy the feeling of having it as if you already have it. See yourself driving your beautiful car. Enjoy the joy of having this car. The thrill of the first drive. The wonderful new car smell. Envision it all. With joy and passion. Now let it go.

Each time you pass the picture feel into the joy and passion of the experience of having it. STOP! I can hear the negative comments coming up, the fear of not being able to afford it, the doubt. Each time you think a negative thought unconsciously (98% of our thoughts are unconscious) you put up a roadblock. Remember that the Universe answers our prayers. If you feel you will not have enough money for this car you will not have enough money for this car.

Okay enough about cars, lets look at men. Personally I like cars and men equally well, we need a new subject for our manifestation challenge. If it is a man you want, write a list of 100 attributes that you would like in your man. Below are some ideas for your detailed list.

The following is a list of the 100 attributes that I want in my man/partner:

He must be my equal and treat me as a partner, be my best friend, loving and generous (also in bed), beautiful eyes, knows his soul purpose, musical with a fine singing voice, (I like to sing too), generous, (you must have a man who is generous or he won't be generous with his love either), faithful - monogamous, adores me, physically fit, balanced emotionally, spiritually and mentally, loving, kind, loves animals, loves to travel, loves my children, doesn't want more children, financially stable (now here is the caveat here - if you are a financial nightmare - don't expect to attract someone who is a millionaire! must be an entrepreneur, loves to swim, loves the beach, loves to eat vegetarian cuisine, loves to cook and is good at it, must be nurturing.

Good luck with this one, I appreciate your comments and e-mails. This is so much fun! I can't wait to hear your stories!
Okay so that is a start for you. Think carefully about what you really want. Always remember that what we think we need is not necessarily what God and The Universe will send us. Like the Rolling Stones sing in their famous song, "You can't always get what you wa'ant, You can't always get what you wan'ant, you get what you NEED!

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an inspirational speaker, author, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Dating and Relationship Coach, Energy Healer and works with the Ascended Masters and Akashic Records.

Her expertise in guiding and directing on your path, empowering you to see the silver lining in every situation. Through our difficulties and challenges we are spurred on to higher levels of consciousness and understanding. Jennifer guides you to your higher purpose and assists you with your personal growth.