A new car was way down on my list of desires because I was happy with what I had. When I bought my Toyota Tercel 15 years ago, it was one of the most economic cars on the road. It was inexpensive, got great mileage, and never gave me any problems. Being thrifty and “Green” at heart, I decided to keep it until it conked out to save money and save the environment of one less used car for a while.

Every once in a while I would look with interest and perhaps wistfully at my friends’ nicer and bigger cars, and think about what car I would like next. And I would wince a little every time I watched my six foot tall husband crunch himself up to fit into my compact car. But I was being economical and that was a great virtue to have, right?

All the while I was working on my money mindset, practicing the Laws of Attraction, and getting better at attracting my desires. Consequently, as my prosperity consciousness level improved, my Tercel seemed less and less appropriate for my vehicle needs.

I found myself taking longer looks at my friend’s nicer cars. The Tercel started to look less attractive and smaller. Gradually it dawned on me that I should think seriously about making a change. About a week later, I found myself looking at a nicer, bigger and newer Camry. As I stood there looking at the price tag I thought, “I could afford this!”

Seeing that car had changed something inside of me and although I decided not to get that particular one, I knew I was going to have to make a change in my environment because the old one no longer supported who I now was. I made the new desire to fix that and I beefed up my efforts to manifest my desire.

Then something interesting happened. One of my husband’s relatives ask us if we wanted her old Neon. I went and looked at one and it was just as small and economical as my Tercel, only newer. Then I remembered a principle from the Law of Attraction which stated that sometimes you have a desire and the Universe brings you something similar but not exactly what you wanted as if to say, will you accept this? Then you have a choice—do you want to accept something less than what you wanted or do you want to hold out for what you truly want? I wanted a Camry!

A week later we went to the nearest big town for a doctor’s appointment and decided to just see what the Toyota dealer had in the way of used cars. That’s when I found exactly what I wanted…a 9-year-old Camry that was in mint condition, including brand new tires. Just sitting in it made me feel like a million dollars and driving it was such a much more pleasant experience than my Tercel.

And that’s when it clicked. The Tercel was a 15 year old reminder of my poverty days. It was like I was walking through a door to a new life experience and I couldn’t take the Tercel with me. I had to release it. The Camry was reasonably priced and I knew we could get financing on it. The thought that I couldn’t afford new monthly payments never occurred to me. I was already in my new level of prosperity consciousness and I knew I could afford it, even though I didn’t have the money to prove it yet. It was a calculated leap of faith in something very intangible but very real.

Driving my newer Camry, reflected my new state of prosperity consciousness and I realized that I could still be economical and express my newer state of mind authentically. The important lesson is that making decisions which create an environment that reflects your current state of mind is not being selfish, but instead is an expression of progress and an example for others to follow. In this way you own and claim your value as it advances.

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