We are drawn to the idea of manifesting wealth because we believe that money can help us solve many of our everyday problems. Indeed, money is needed to help us pay our bills, buy food and run our living expenses. We also need money for material comforts or even to take us traveling. Manifesting wealth appeals even more especially when the work we are currently involved in has not been able to provide us with enough money We therefore see manifesting wealth is a ticket to our dreams. It is the way to having our heart's desires.

Anyone can manifest wealth. It does not matter whether if we are already born rich or poor. Good looking or ugly. What matters is having a positive mindset. With a positive mindset, we are tuned into higher vibrations which then draws upon like vibrations of our desires. More often, vibrations of our desires are of a higher frequency.

The power of belief also comes with a positive mindset. We first must believe and expect wealth for the law of attraction to work. The funny thing is that most of us find it hard to place our beliefs and faith blindly. We prefer to see hard proof. Having been taught to think scientifically since our school days, we demand that our logical minds be satisfied before placing our beliefs.

This is not to say that the law of attraction has no scientific basis. Indeed it has. Scientists have already proven that we bring about the very things that our mind focuses on. The issue with this is that such concepts were not taught in school previously. In fact, many very fundamental things are not taught covered in formal education. Now, how many of us were taught about the value of self confidence, loving oneself, and having healthy self esteem? In my opinion, these are just as if not far more important than any school subject such as History or Mathematics.

Manifesting wealth can be done with much less struggle therefore. We begin to understand that we need to access not just the left side of our brain. We learn about the effects of thinking positively, having strong beliefs, and using our intuitive and creative brain for problem solving.

Then, there is also the difficulty of having to erase some of the negative beliefs we have been brought up to know as true. Thoughts such as it is hard to be rich or I can never be successful need to be looked into and changed. It all begins with thought. So we will need to change our thoughts for more empowering ones in order to attract what we desire.

Finally, an important distinction needs to be pointed out It is key to the secret of manifesting wealth. Before, we feel that we need to have money first before we can do the things we want and then be happy. See the have-do-be sequence. Well, with the law of attraction, the beingness comes first. We understand that we need to be positive and joyful. Then we need to do the appropriate actions and finally we can then have the things we desire.

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