We are each manifesting all the time. Everything we have in our lives was created by us. The question is how have we been creating? Has it been from a place of conscious intention or out of reaction? From a state of ease and trust or resistance and fear? Have we been creating for ourselves or letting others create for us?

The more we are aware of what we want and what it will do for us, the more likely we are to manifest this into our life. Envisioning our goals and dreams ignites our enthusiasm and creates a mock up for what we want. Once the momentum has started it is important to let go and let the process unfold. If we focus on every single detail or try to control every step, we limit ourselves to other possibilities; ones much bigger and better than we ever could imagine. Of course this takes trust, and for those of us born without a trust gene we need to develop one if we want to manifest easily.

As we move toward our goals, taking action with anything other than ease is bound to slow down the process and cause frustration. Ease is a state of being. It is relaxed, productive movement, opposite to effort, struggle and resistance. When our body tenses up and we find ourselves “trying to make” things happen, that is a strong clue that we have moved out of ease. Simply breathing, relaxing and connecting to our inner trust can bring us back to a centered place where things happen effortlessly.

Explore these questions to gain insights into your manifesting power:

• Reflect over your adult life and notice all of your manifestations. The relationships, jobs, health, finances and so on. Do you see any patterns in terms of how you created or attracted these into your life?

• For all of the wonderful things you’ve had in your life, what were the key elements to creating this for yourself (i.e. did you consciously want this, were you in a state of trust or surrender etc.)

• For anything not so wonderful in your life, what were the key elements operating for you at these times (i.e. were you in resistance, fear, giving up your power or perhaps these were stepping stones to greater things or opportunities for growth and learning).

Try these inspiring ideas to manifest your heart's desires:

• Play with creating and manifesting consciously by becoming aware of what you really want in your life. What would make your heart sing, your passion flare or you mind be at peace? Spend 5 minutes each day this week, envisioning it, using all of your senses to imagine it taking place.

• Become aware of when you are taking action in your life from a place of effort and practice shifting into ease. Notice if this increases your productivity, joy and ability to manifest what you want.

• Increase your ability to have what you want by letting go of any limiting messages or beliefs that say you can’t have the things you want. Rise above the notion of deserving and undeserving to a place of high havingness where all possibilities exist.

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Gini Grey is a Transformational Coach and author of the book "From Chaos to Calm", and the CD "Create What You Want In Your Life". For more articles, a complimentary monthly e-zine "Insights & Inspiration" or to find out about the power of Transformational Sessions, visit www.ginigrey.com