The Law of Attraction has gotten a great deal of attention
over the past years, yet I believe it is still very, very

I can't tell you how many times I have heard that it does
not work and that it's just a bunch of hype.

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. In this series
of articles, I'll begin to explain what the "Law" really is and
how it actually works so that when you're done reading, you'll
be able to start attracting and manifesting you heart's desires

Simply put, The Law of Attraction is that thoughts become things.
Therefore whatever you put energy into strong enough, clear enough
and with enough belief will indeed happen.

The title of this series is called, "Manifesting your heart's desires"
What I mean by that is, you having the life you've always wanted. I am
talking about you attracting to you the people, the resources and the
circumstances you need. I am talking about you living a beautiful,
inspired, happy and fulfilled life that goes far beyond your expectations.

Now if that sounds to good to be true, I assure you, it will be.

And that leads me into the topic for issue number 1.

As you believe, so shall you be!

The bottom line is that you create your reality according to your
beliefs. What's wonderful about that is there are no limitations
except those you believe in.

So, if that's really the case, why do so many people manifest the
opposite of what they want and why does the "Law" seem to fail so
many times?

It all begins with your beliefs, specifically, your core, unconscious,
negative beliefs.

So, to have your heart's desire, you must first uncover your unconscious
beliefs and then question your conscious ones as well.

The reason is simple. It's not what you know about your life that runs it,
it's what you don't know and you can't change what you don't know. But you
can change what you do know.

Then, you have to believe you can have that life. You have to believe that
you deserve that life. You have to believe that you are good enough. You
have to believe that you will succeed. You have to believe in yourself.

Since your beliefs run your life (whether you know what they are or not),
it stands to reason that if you're not living the life you want, then you
need to examine the things you believe and then test their validity against reality.

For example, a common misbelief (but a belief nonetheless)that people have
is that they are not good enough. To test that belief (if you have it) ask yourself
this question, "Who or what am I not good enough for?" In other
words, who or what are you comparing yourself to that you believe you are
not good enough? What is your standard of measurement?

Do that with as many of your "negative beliefs" as you can and watch how fast
things will start to change for the better in your life. The reason is simple.
When your core, unconscious, negative beliefs are discovered then discarded
and then replaced with positive, powerful beliefs, your focus shifts to what
you want, not what you don't. By default, you start attracting that.

Take it slow in the beginning. You may get anxious and want to get rid of all
of your beliefs that have not served you right away, but that won't work. The
truth is that you didn't form those beliefs overnight and it will take some
time to undo them all. Be patient. Be persistent. Be committed and in the
very near future, your life will look very different.

That's it for this issue. Until next time, may you be blessed beyond belief
and may everything you wish for be the least that you get.

To your success,

Darshan G. Shanti - The 24 Hour Champion

Author's Bio: 

Darshan is an expert in human motivation, behavior change and rapid
transformation. He is a 20-year veteran in the field of personal and
professional development. He is an ontologist, facilitator, trainer,
author and transformational speaker. He is the President of Freedom
Incorporated, Inc. It is a revolutionary, innovative company dedicated
to supporting organizations and people all over the world to help them
to achieve their highest potential.

Darshan has a unique ability to very quickly empower participants to change
their own minds about who they are and what's possible for themselves,
both now and in the future. When they change their own minds, their
change is permanent, leaving them free to make new decisions, take
new actions and create new, powerful and fulfilling lives.

From Fortune 100 corporations such as Baxter Pharmaceuticals, to small
mom and pop companies, school systems and prison systems, across the
United States, he has worked with and inspired over 30,000 people.