Well, we have arrived at step 5
in our series of manifesting your
heart's desires. How is it going?

Are you putting into practice
what I've been writing about?
If not, why not? You have
everything to gain, easier,
faster and with greater certainty
than anything else.

If you have been using it, I would
love to hear more success stories
of how this information is making
a difference in your life. I will
share those stories with others
and it will support them on their

A brief recap of the past 4 steps
will help you to put this whole
process (so far) into perspective.

Step 1. What You Believe Is What You Get.
Your beliefs create your reality. There
are no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Step 2. Know What You want and be crystal
clear about it. You can't manifest what you
don't even know you want and if you're not
clear, you'll send mixed and conflicting signals
to the Universe.

That results in you not getting what you want
because The Universe doesn't know which order
to fill. So it waits until you make up your
mind and it has an incredible amount of patience.

Step 3. Focus your intentions and your attentions.
Where you place most of your energy is what will
manifest the fastest. So, if you focus on the
negative, you will manifest the negative and vice

Step 4. Take 100 responsibility. Know that you're
the creator of everything in your life, whether
you want the things you create or not. If you've
created something you don't want, take
responsibility for it and begin at once to
create something else.

This step is about the art of surrender
or letting go and letting The Universe.

What is surrender?

Surrender is stopping the battle that
is always going on inside of you,
with yourself. As long as your ego
is battling with itself, you can't
surrender. It is the clearing of
your mind and heart of everything
that you have created in order for
you to be able to hear the
Universal messages that come to you.

Surrendering is giving up the need
to know how your life is going to
look and allowing the Universe to
determine the perfect outcome.
When you switch from mind control
to heart control, that is surrender.
It is the feeling of falling in love
without attachment.

Surrender does not mean giving up.
There is a great difference between
surrender and giving up. Surrender
allows you to take action. Giving up
does not.

Surrender is an active process.
Giving up is passive. Surrender
is power. Giving up is weak. Surrender
involves a great deal of courage.
Giving up is based in fear.

Your ego's job, once again, is to
protect you from pain. When you
struggle and resist and fight against
the natural wisdom of your intuition,
that makes your life very difficult.
When you surrender, on the other hand,
your life becomes much easier.

Where the challenge comes in is that your
ego wants to control everything and
it does an absolutely amazing job of
convincing you of its lies and making
you believe that they are true.

When you surrender, you allow The Universe
to guide your every step and to supply
your every thought, every need, regardless
of how you think it should be. In my fiance's
book, Surrender, Allow and Trust, she says,

"When you surrender, you give up the need
to know both the process and the outcome.
You just have the faith to allow it. The
whole thing. Process and outcome.
Sometimes the process is for an entirely
different outcome than the one you envision
when you begin it. That is why you must
surrender every moment, not just once. You
may think you know the outcome, but you may

So surrender away and you'll have more with
less effort and a whole lot more fun in the

So, that's it for this issue my friend. May
you be blessed beyond belief and may all of
your dreams and your success come true. And
may everything you wish for be the least
that you get.

Until next issue...

To your success,

Darshan G. Shanti - The 24 Hour Champion

Author's Bio: 

Darshan is an expert in human motivation, behavior change and rapid transformation. He is a 20-year veteran in the field of personal and professional development. He is an ontologist, facilitator, trainer, author and transformational speaker. He is the President of Freedom Incorporated, Inc., a revolutionary, innovative company dedicated to supporting organizations and people all over the world to help them to achieve their highest potential.

Darshan has a unique ability to very quickly empower participants to change their own minds about who they are and what's possible for themselves, both now and in the future. When they change their own minds, their change is permanent, leaving them free to make new decisions, take new actions and create new, powerful and fulfilling lives.

From Fortune 100 corporations such as Baxter Pharmaceuticals, to small mom and pop companies, school systems and prison systems, across the United States, he has worked with and inspired over 30,000 people.