We've arrived at issue number 8 in our series
on manifesting your heart's desires.

This issue is about non-attachment. This is one of the
most critical steps in this whole process. To put it
another way, you can't be attached to whatever you're
manifesting. That is, you can't need it. You can't be
desperate to have it.

You have to have an attitude of complete non-attachment.
It is as if to say, you couldn't care less whether you
got the thing that you want or not. You have to want it
without wanting it. Now if that sounds confusing, it is.
So, I'll explain.

How things get manifested is through this simple
formula. BE + DO = HAVE. Who you BE dictates
what you DO which gives you the things you HAVE.

It is the BEING part of the equation where non-attachment
comes into play. The reason is simple. If you are in
desperate need of something, all of your energy, thoughts
and emotions will be focused on your need. Now, as
we've talked about in many issues already, your beliefs
create your reality. What you focus on, you attract.

So, if you're focused on the need, you'll manifest the
need. In other words, you'll create more need, more
desperation, more wanting because that's what you're
putting your energy into.

If you're desperate for a relationship, you'll keep
manifesting more desperation, more loneliness,
more anxiety, shame, sadness. It's the same with
money or anything else you want to attract.

The question then becomes, "How do you need
something desperately and at the same time, not
need it?

At first glance, it appears to be quite a paradox
and a conundrum. When you're in a desperate
situation, it's very, very hard not to think about
what you need. After all, your survival is at stake.
When you're in a state of fear, it creates more fear
and it becomes a vicious circle that you can't
escape from, so you HAVE TO BYPASS IT COMPLETELY.

In other words, stop the spin and get off the
circle of doom. You're the one that's in control
of the ride. That's the part that most people miss.
You can stop the ride anytime you want and
get on another ride (that you're also in control of).

So, if you're in desperate need of money and that's
all you've been thinking about, stop for a moment
and realize the truth. However old you are, you're
still here, you've always been provided for, you still
have a roof over your head. In other words, somehow,
some way, it always works out.

That's how you can be unattached. It's by simply
knowing the truth and then focusing your energy on
it. The truth is that this Universe is UNLIMITED.
The truth is that you can have whatever you set
your heart to and believe you can have(as we
discussed in issue #1). Let me be more clear.

Manifesting is not a head thing. You can't figure
out how the Universe is going to do it's job. You
can't second guess it. You can't manipulate it. You
can't outsmart it. If you do, you'll go off in the
completely opposite direction. This is where
surrender, allow and trust really comes into play.

You have an intention and you just know it in your
heart that it is yours and you don't need any reason
other than the fact that you say it is yours.

The bottom line to manifesting is this:

Just know what you want and ask for it, then release
it into the hands of the Universe and you shall receive.

Therefore you can be unattached to any "NEED"
because the reality of the situation is that any
"NEED" you have can be instantly fulfilled by
KNOWING the TRUTH. The truth is that you
can have anything you want from the Universe
at any time as long as you follow the steps
we've discussed in the previous 7 issues.

A word of caution. You can't trick the Universe.
If you go out and say, "I'm gonna win the
lottery." But you don't believe you're worth it,
you will get more of "Not Worth" not "Net Worth."

So, go out this week and if you're in a tough
situation, that's been plaguing you, realize the
TRUTH. The TRUTH is that you are unlimited and
so is the Universe and that all your needs are
taken care of the moment you say they are. It is
really that black and white...no gray areas.

So, that's it for this issue my friend. May
you be blessed beyond belief and may all of
your dreams and your success come true. And
may everything you wish for be the least that
you get.

Until next issue...

To your success,

Darshan G. Shanti - The 24 Hour Champion

Author's Bio: 

Darshan is an expert in human motivation, behavior change and rapid transformation. He is a 20-year veteran in the field of personal and professional development. He is an ontologist, facilitator, trainer, author and transformational speaker. He is the President of Freedom Incorporated, Inc., a revolutionary, innovative company dedicated to supporting organizations and people all over the world to help them to achieve their highest potential.

Darshan has a unique ability to very quickly empower participants to change their own minds about who they are and what's possible for themselves, both now and in the future. When they change their own minds, their change is permanent, leaving them free to make new decisions, take new actions and create new, powerful and fulfilling lives.

From Fortune 100 corporations such as Baxter Pharmaceuticals, to small mom and pop companies, school systems and prison systems, across the United States, he has worked with and inspired over 30,000 people.