Article submission is an important and effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. It offers a number of high end advantages and that is why many website and online business owners are always interested in affordable article submission services. By submitting articles manually to several websites you can create more awareness for your website and business, drive targeted traffic towards your website and increase your SEO page ranking by creating quality back links.

How To Do Article Submission

Article submission services involves the creation of well constructed and informative content related to your niche. These articles have to be well written and informative so as to make you stand out as a knowledgeable guru in your niche. These content articles are written with a number of targeted search keywords to make them visible to search engines. The articles do not have to be too long. About 350 to 600 words would do. You have to be careful not to over stuff them with keywords or they will be rejected by some directories. Next you need to use hyper links to place your links within the articles. Be sure that the anchor text is a targeted keyword. Some article directory websites allow more than one link, while others allow only one. Finally you have to post the articles on several high ranking websites.

The Benefits of Article submission

Article directories usually enjoy high PR and traffic. This means that your articles will be read by a large number of people. This helps increase awareness about what you do and if your article is impressive enough, many of these readers will follow the link to visit your website. That means quality targeted traffic. Besides, the one way links you placed on the high PR websites will help your own website’s search engine PR. Getting the right article submission service thus offers numerous benefits.

Why Hire an Article Submission Service

How would you like to have 50 quality back links in various high ranking websites? What about a hundred, two hundred or even more? Imagine the large number of people who will see your articles daily, and the traffic it would generate for your website if you had 200 articles with your links on various high ranking websites.

However, to achieve this feat yourself can be quite tedious. First you need to manually register several accounts on several article directory websites. Then you have to create several original articles. While some directories allow article content that has already been posted on another website, most directories with high PR insist only on original content. Then you have to consider the various rules and laws guiding submission at the various websites. Some allow just one link, others allow several and even the keyword density allowed differs from site to site.

Link Building is a UK based article submission service company made up of top professionals. They offer affordable article submission service that can help create hundreds of articles and have them submitted to several high ranking sites in no time. They know which sites to go to and how to do it. The professional articles they will create will guarantee you high click through rates and steady traffic. You just need sit back and watch your traffic, SEO ranking and profits grow as you concentrate on your core business.

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Sean Bardiera is a senior SEO Analyst since 2008 helping small, medium and large online businesses to get Top 10 ranking in Google using effective and 100% natural SEO and Link building service.