Fence is an essentially for any house. It protects the house and keeps wandering animals away. One must choose good fencing material for making the fence. Use of good strong material helps improve the safety of the place. But, if we use high quality material it will cost more. So, one must choose the material only according to the need.

Places where you need a fence

Houses, residential bungalows, apartment buildings, tennis courts, warehouses, land, swimming pools, and parking lots are places where a fence is needed. Usually, the choice of fencing material here is a chain link fence. This is cheap and easy to install. It gives one unlimited view of the property and lets one keep an eye on everything that is going on. In fact, this is the advantage of all wire mesh fences. It is light and does not involve heavy machinery to install.

One of the most commonly used materials is barbed wire. You can get the specifications from the Barbed Wire Manufacturers in your area. The cost of the barbed wire will depend on the weight. This in turn depends on how many meters of wire you need for your property. For instance, one acre of land will need about 893.4 feet (272 meters) of wire. If you consider 12x12 gauge barbed wire, it will give about 6 meters per kilogram for 3” spacing, So, you will have to buy 45.4 kg of wire.

Opt for wider spacing

Suppose you don’t want such close spacing of the barbs then you can choose 6” spacing. This will give you 7.63 meters per kilogram. So, you will need only 35.6 kg of wire. Considering 64 INR per kg of wire, you will pay about 2,278 INR for your one acre of land. When you consider chain link fencing the cost will reduce further. Chain link fences are enough when you do not have stray people or animals wandering near your property.

Coating for chain link fences

You have two types of coating for chain link fences. One is the PVC coating and the other is zinc coating. The zinc coating helps prevent rust formation. So, the life of the fence is extended by 10-15 years. We can make zinc coating by two methods. One is by hot dipping the other is by electro galvanizing. However, it is not practical to use electro galvanizing for chain link fence because of cost factors. The hot dipping method is easy and gives a good finish which gives adequate protection to the wire. Many property owners opt for PVC coating because it gives a pleasing appearance and does not cost as much as electro galvanizing. Also, it extends the life of the wire by giving it protection from rust.

Razor wire is another material used in fencing. This is another kind of sharp wire. You can get the type and material from the Razor Wire Suppliers by going online. To get good quality, be sure you order from reputed suppliers. You can ask the supplier to give you an estimate before you place your order.

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