Wedding is believed to be the most trusted and celebrated event in the life of a human being. The bonds of wedding unite two individuals in a unique way. The wedding rituals in almost every Hindu community are different, but the essence of wedding remains the same, which is uniting two people with eternal bond of love. The rituals reflect the cultural aspects of the place where the bride and groom belong to. A wedding uniquely combines technology with traditions.

Marathi culture is different from the nearby state, no matter which caste a person belongs to. The wedding in Maharashtra is celebrated in unique style, where there is no pomp and show and the wedding is celebrated in a simple manner. The Marathi culture follows simplest wedding rituals. Like other Indian communities, the Marathi community has their own traditional beliefs, which are reflected in the wedding style of the Marathi Matrimony. One can experience beautiful cultural dimensions with folk songs, dressing style, food and many other things. In the Hindu Marathi community, prayers are offered to the almighty god.

Seeman Pooja is one of the important traditions of the Marathi people. During Seeman Pooja, the groom and his family members are welcomed by the bride’s family. The groom’s and his parent’s feet are washed with water as a sign of respect towards them. The groom is then showered with lots of gifts from the bride’s family. The wedding rituals also depend on the region of the families where they live.

A traditional marriage is a time taking event and involves so many rituals and customs. Every custom has its own significance and meaning, which requires active participation by every family member from both sides. Some rituals bring emotional moments for the individuals, while some rituals are fun, and require involvement of family members.

One of these ceremonies is Gauri-HarPooja, which is also a prayer ceremony, in which the bride seeks blessings of the goddess Parvati (Gauri). After the prayers, the maternal uncle of the bride takes her for a curtain ceremony, where the bride is dressed in yellow sari and wears green bangles. The green bangles symbolize the new beginning of the lives of both bride and groom. No wedding in India is complete without dancing and folk songs. In Marathi matrimony also, songs and dances keep an important place. The wedding is a moment for lifetime and is celebrated with beautiful songs and dances, and the family members and friends celebrate the union of the bride and groom.

Arranged marriages are common in the Marathi community. However, in some families, inter caste weddings are also permitted. With the improvement of technology and the increased networking, people prefer contacting websites that can help to find the suitable life partner. These websites provide the boy and girl as well as their families with suitable matches. These websites also provide information exchange services, which can be helpful in planning for the D-day. One can also get ideas to celebrate and make the Marathi matrimony a memorable one.

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