I am Maris. I greet you with the peace. I greet you in the collective of the Arcturians with the words OMAR TA SATT.

Maris has been chosen to speak to you through Sangitar today. It is a great joy and honor for me to address you in these of all times. Let me tell you that a host of Arcturians has congregated and is here with you energetically. We are very near to you and through the recent experiences we have come even nearer to you. It is Maris's deep wish to present a deeply felt AN'ANASHA to all those who participated in sending energies with Crystals and the second letter of the original name into the erected light pillars.

Your planet was facing a difficult situation. As I do not know human words as well as you human beings I have conferred with Sangitar again. One could say, many parts, energy lines in the earth grid were facing collapse. This could have had significant consequences. But through your lightwork, through your deep understanding, through your love, through this moving closer together and through the understanding it was possible to bring much back on the right track. It was extremely important to us that you brought these exact energies we asked for. We brought them from the pillars of light into the earth grid and distributed them where they were needed. We have served the human beings and your planet in deepest love and received energies that were given to us in deepest joy. Thus we can say today, in the now-time, that the energies in the earth grid have stabilized in many places. But we can still not assume that the vibrations will calm down completely again.

But there were such wonderful experiences. One of them was that the continent Africa was allowed to absorb so much energy and this light appears to be stable in its expansion as well. This not only has consequences for the earth grid and for your planet, but of course also for the human beings who live on this continent. The energy in Israel has calmed down a bit. The priesthood who were on the spot, the priestesses and priests who assisted from the distance, carried out wonderful lightwork. Here, too, we want to bring a deep AN'ANASHA.

We know, and Maris in particular knows, how each and every one of you yearns for the high point of the ascension, for the divine Reality, the orientation and the new beginning. But have faith in the words of Maris: These deeply felt things, this yearning, this joy will blossom when the light can expand in a natural way. Then it is similar to Landras, and the adaptation phase will be much easier for all human beings. There will be less suffering and pain at the high point of the ascension. Also, Lady Gaia's entire consciousness, which circulates in a big energy field, desires the naturalness of an ascension, the same way a mother wishes that her child is born in a natural way. This is how it is in nature and Lady Gaia is nature. Lady Gaia carries you since the beginning of time and she deserves being able to expand this light by herself. Just like you, too, carried this out. Do you remember?

Many of you who have carried out the 48 Steps know that exactly the last Steps were taken with resistance. Sometimes you even had the feeling of packing it all in as you could not imagine what is happening. It is similar with Lady Gaia. But when you went the path of awakening, how would it have been if somebody had suddenly come and transmitted so much energy that you could not have taken the last Steps properly? How would it have been for you, in retrospect? When you think back, the last Steps were perhaps the most valuable ones of your awakening. For it was important for you to go through resistance, to transform the doubt in order to actually feel the divine light in you in a natural way, in order to be able to say: I am awake.

So much has happened in the last days and nights. The Crystal SHADEES has been released. The heritage of the Ark of the Covenant has been kindled, and through that another great light expansion has taken place. Of course you, the human beings, have absorbed so much energy from the divine Reality with such an unprecedented concentrated radiant power in very short time. Especially when the heritage of God in the Ark of the Covenant was kindled. This is something you have to deal with as human being in the duality, even when you are awake. These energies, they lead to confusion in the duality. SHADEES, particularly the Crystal SHADEES, leads to big transformation. More than ever before it is important that you hold the orientation in your mind, trust, even if you sometimes feel torn. This conflict, it comes from so much radiant power of energies having been brought onto the planet from the universe that the duality has become even more exhausting, and you perhaps sometimes have the feeling, expressed in a human way, just as Sangitar has told me: "I have had enough, what use is it, more light body symptoms, more confusion." But it is these exact things that Kryon and we have presented you with and brought you in all the messages: The more energy of the divine Reality comes into the duality, the more confusing the duality becomes. It is as if you were standing in the divine Reality with one foot, and in the duality with the other. And this balancing act is hard for you. And yet: It is the most moving time the human beings have ever gone through. It is the most moving time for your soul. The duality tries once more – particularly via your reason – to persuade you of things. But you feel exactly that your soul does not want to listen to this anymore. Here it also comes to conflict, for on the one hand you feel in your soul that this is the exact time that has been foretold. But reason would like to persuade you of this and that. In addition the energy of SHADEES is so powerful that it is hard for you to think clearly in the duality, you perhaps have head-aches, feel confused, up one minute and down the next, in the deepest intention and suddenly in complete apathy. All these are the signs. They have arrived very fast and concentrated now, but they are here and they are perhaps the deepest signs that have ever appeared in the present time.

We, the Arcturians, are tireless in our work for you, our friends, and we feel such deep friendship for you. But we also yearn for our home planet, for our families, groups, also for our children. Sangitar has agreed today that you collectively get in touch with our race, with our home planet, in order to knot a deep tie of friendship so that all those at home feel what human beings you are. That it is worth putting oneself in service for you on your planet in deepest intention. It honors you and us, raises it to a dance of bliss in deepest joy.

The Arcturians are a loving people and they will, as soon as you have sent your Heart Ray to them, connect with you. Hear what they tell you. You can also speak with them. We will take part in the event and the connectedness will become stronger and stronger through that. Maris would like to say once more how happy we are about this. For even though we bear a higher consciousness it is still so that we also know a kind of yearning, feel love, feel connectedness, friendship.

Thus follow the words of Maris by going deep inside yourself. We will ground you on all levels while you expand yourself, call your chakras together, find your divinity which becomes noticeable in you. Through space and time with DON'ADAS our families and friends have gathered on planet Arcturus in order to welcome you. Activate your Heart Ray now. Put the first letter of your original name onto the tip. If you really feel it, then put the Crystal AN'ANASHA over it. Your alpha and omega chakras open as by themselves. Now call your personal group of angels and ask that they bring the Heart Ray to our home planet beyond time and space. When this happens now take some time and feel the energies of Arcturus, of our families, friends.

(Music is played.)

Many of you were able to feel this deep connection of friendship and love. Before Maris brings a few more messages I would like to say AN'ANASHA in the name of all Arcturians.

Many of you will ask themselves: How will it go on now? As far as we are able to judge the energies are stable at the moment. But it still happens that big energy currents pour in. We will make further appeals and ask you to send energies to various regions and countries. You will receive much information from the spirit world through Sangitar about the Crystal SHADEES and about kindling the heritage of God.

It is particularly important to Maris that after this labour of love that you have done in a big colletive you feel a bit calmer, happier and clearer. Because of that the gift from the spirit world for you today is that you receive a transmission of God's breath in conclusion. This has been enriched with the energies of calmness and clarity. When this divine breath is poured over you the light body symptoms, the confusion, the head-aches and also the insomnia will ease off.

It is important to point out to you once more that this was a significant process that appeared to us to be necessary, for the Earth is such a beautiful planet. The beauty of this planet will be recognized by many human beings only after the ascension has taken place. There is no planet more beautiful in the universe. There is AN'ARINA, but that is something completely different. Your planet is so beautiful and, of all planets that have fallen into the duality Lady Gaia bears the purest and most beautiful consciousness. This you can see when you look around nature, when you look at your planet.

Many human beings report being treated with hostility for what they do. But believe me as a friend when I tell you, this will change. This hostility is nothing but fear of the light and the love that you bear. Where there is much light, where there is much love, but above all where there is much awareness, human beings will always insult what they do not understand. But at the end of the day you have a great advantage, for the light, the awareness and the love are with you. They are, of course, also with the other human beings, but they have yet to bring them out, they have yet to find them and be able to feel them with the heart. Because of that, when there is hostility you will always be the stronger one, less with words, but simply with your light and your love. And thus, with each step you take you will spread this love.

Soon the human beings will begin to erect the merkabah of Lucifer. That is the most significant love process there has ever been. From this moment on we will look after the red frequency more.

Maris and the Arcturians are with you so often. We visit you. Even though we are in service we take the time to travel to some of you and express our friendship and love. Our planets are so deeply connected with each other that a time will come in which we will perhaps live on your planet with you and you come to our planet with us. We look forward to this very much.

Now God's breath will be poured over you in a special way. Take the calmness and the clarity that God's breath carries and you will see, you will feel better immediately.

Maris says, connected with all Arcturians: Let all of us do our service here on Earth together. Community in love, understanding and trust.


The words of the lightlanguage used in this channeling mean:
OMAR TA SATT - lightworker's greeting, energy of welcome
AN'ANASHA - gratitude

Author's Bio: 

Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after many years of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - Spiritual Course of Awakening'.
In addition to her regular work for Kryonschool she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim, Germany, once a month which is also published on the Kryonschool website.

You are welcome to visit the Kryonschool website and browse through the channelings, news and information.