Marijuana or cannabis clones are very sought after and are a godsend for any novice grower. Clones are also an amazing choice for people who do not have enough time or even space. Clones have a much shorter vegetative cycle and they are genetically identical to the mother plant and you can be sure what you will get at the end of it all. It is quite easy for one to clone the cannabis plants. This is why you can easily find them being sold in many places today. One of which is Clone Care, who offers clones for sale in California.

What are clones?

Cloning is a process where a small piece of plant is taken. The piece needs to be healthy. This cutting is then allowed to grow its own root by the use of hormonal tissue culture which is artificial. This creates a plant that is identical to the one from which it was taken.

How can cannabis be cloned?

This can be done very simply at home when you have all the right materials. This is becoming an option for different growers and if you want to clone plants, there are some basic materials that you need and they include a cloning container, a substrate, root hormones a good plant where the cuttings can be taken from.

How to do it?

You need to fill a container with your substrate and get it damp but don't soak it. It is now that you take your healthy cutting from a mother panty. Do this in a slight diagonal way at the bottom. Now you need to dip the cut ends into the root hormones and then transfer to the substrate that you have chosen. A part of the stem should be underground.

If you are in a dry area, you should cover the cutting using plastic to ensure that moisture is kept. This will help the plant gather bearings as the roots are produced.

The container should then be placed in a warm area. This is to allow it to get adequate sunlight. It is important to note that the fluorescent lights can work well, but do not overexpose the plant. The substrate should be damp. This is because water is a major requirement as the roots grow.

The roots will have developed within a few weeks, meaning that the cloning procedure was successful.

Why is cloning a good choice?

Cannabis can be rather difficult to grow using seeds. Cloning usually allows a grower to produce good plants in a rather easy and relaxed manner. If you prefer a certain strain, then it means that cloning is a good choice for you. This is because the clones will be totally identical as far as genetics are concerned.

When you choose to clone, you will avoid the guesswork that is involved with growing from seeds. You will be quite certain of the characteristics to expect. The issue that cloning has is the fact that the genetic variety lacks. This means that one disease or any bug that the strain is susceptible to can destroy an entire room of plants.

It is important to select a healthy clone from a distributor who knows clone care. offers healthy clones and with marijuana clones, you can tell the difference between the good ones and bad ones so you may never really go wrong.

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