As confidence continues to rise that a Greek bailout will be approved on February 20 at a euro-zone meeting in Brussels, risk appetite has also been growing.

The Greek Cabinet at the weekend approved the budget cuts demanded.

The European Central Bank may exchange its Greek debt to avoid a near-term default.

More long-term refinancing operations may be forthcoming, creating more liquidity.

In the United States, leading economic indicators, inflation data and corporate earnings are improving.

In China, leaders have been positive on A shares. Locally, the secondary property market is more active, although developers are rushing to sell inventory at close to market prices.

In Japan, national debt to GDP has jumped above 220 percent and market chatter about the risk of holding government bonds has climbed.

Problems still exist but local stocks could move higher as valuations are not expensive.

Mainland and Hong Kong banks face two similar challenges this year---potential bad debt rebound and difficulty in attracting deposits.

When you do international trade business, you have to keep an eye on international economic conditions, which may influence the final price by currency swap exchange.

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