Producing assured-quality goods and designing pro-grade services alone do not help in witnessing good sales. Sales happen when targeted customers become aware of your existence and receive important updates consistently. This job can be done only through a strategic marketing campaign. In this hi-tech era, let the software systematically handle and automate marketing tasks.

The main reason behind using a marketing automation software is to automate and bring in more orderliness in your entire marketing campaign. Modern day marketing automation platforms are packed with an array of tools and features that enable you to monitor and convert your leads with greater efficiency.

You can also integrate marketing automation software with other marketing or customer relationship management tools/ apps for adding greater utility value and ease to your marketing automation tasks.

Salesforce marketing integration

Salesforce stepped into the world of customer relationship management as Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM company. It now offers a diverse range of software solutions. This also provides with an effective platform for users and developers to develop, design and distribute custom-made software.

Salesforce claims an attractive slice of CRM market reading 19.7%. Using this, you can easily access an array of products and services in social, mobile and cloud domains. It is, therefore, a more preferred CRM choice with many these days.

If you are also using Salesforce then you need a marketing automation software that can integrate seamlessly with it. We are listing here a few reliable and efficient Salesforce marketing automation tools to make your search for the same a less daunting task.

Let us have a look at these Salesforce integrated marketing automation tools-


HubSpot is one of the best free marketing automation tools that can integrate appropriately with Salesforce CRM quite seamlessly. HubSpot enjoys popularity as an inbound marketing software tool.

You can easily integrate the software with Salesforce within minutes and it does not require you to possess complex technical knowledge. You can record sales interaction in Hubspot. Salesforce integration enables easy customization of emails.

The free version of the tool provides its users with features like contact management, team email, and live chat. You can derive useful company and contact insights. The Starter, Professional and Enterprise version comes with an array of integrated marketing tools like email marketing, SEO, blogging, lead categorization etc. You can include it among other reliable marketing automation tools for startups.


MailChimp is available with the Forever Free plan that allows users 12,000 emails per month (with ads) provided they have 2,000 or fewer contacts. The paid version is available with a starting price of $10 per month for 500 contacts and an infinite number of emails. This pricing scheme makes it one of the best marketing automation tools for small business available.

MailChimp is a popular marketing automation tool and can also offer email marketing services. You can integrate the platform not just with Salesforce but also with Woocommerce, Shopify, Eventbrite and others. Users can quickly create landing pages, Instagram and Facebook ads.

Its effective integration with Woocommerce also makes it one of the trusted marketing automation tools for e-commerce. You can automate abandoned cart, product recommendations, order notification, emails, order notifications etc.


When you are so keen on finding a marketing automation tool with Salesforce integration then why not to try the Salesforce-owned product in this regard? Yes, Salesforce owns Pardot so this marketing automation tool integrates better and quicker than any other platform you can name.

It enables you can to manage and track both marketing automation and CRM data from a single interface. You will find a robust software solution in multi-channel social marketing, email marketing and sales intelligence that can accelerate the sales pipeline. It offers real-time sales alert and ROI reporting.


This is one of the leading marketing automation software globally that can be connected with Salesforce but it is not one of the best marketing automation tools for startups. This is because Marketo tends to be a more preferred option that enterprises with larger budge opt for. The basic version only is priced at $895 per month.

Apart from the pricing, it is a major player in the marketing automation field these days. It features lead scoring, nurturing and segmenting; sales intelligence; campaign dashboard and reports; A/B testing; social marketing, digital ads etc to name here just a few.

Marketo is built on the Salesforce platform so integrates with Salesforce better than almost any other choices available. A large enterprise looking for custom marketing automation solution will find Marketo quite interesting and its price plan reasonable.

Final words

These four marketing automation tools with Salesforce integration can leverage your marketing autom
ation results and accelerate the sales pipeline. If your current CRM is Salesforce then feel free to pick any of these tools to reap the maximum benefits possible.

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