Ask most people what marketing is and they will give you the steps and strategies of marketing for an answer.

There’s more to marketing than the mechanics. One very important part of marketing is the energy of marketing.

Energy marketing is an energetic connection with your marketing and sales. It is one thing to learn the mechanics, skills, and steps of marketing; it is something completely different to go beyond the surface level and truly “connect” with your market. I am convinced that much of effective marketing occurs on an invisible and subconscious level.

You can take all the “right” action steps, but if you don’t believe in what you are doing, don’t feel deserving, have prosperity issues, or have a habit of sabotaging your success, you may need to focus on energy marketing. Pay attention to what you say to yourself and others about the economy, business, and your own situation. Notice the thoughts that come up throughout your day, the conversations you have with others, and whether you are supporting a success posture or one that does not serve you. Surround yourself with others who also want to succeed in business. Join mastermind groups, get mentors, and read books that will keep you focused on positive visions.

Keys to Successful Marketing
Focus on serving your market and solving their problems.
A profitable volume of sales is a better goal than just trying to get more sales. If you have not determined your ideal profit margins, you could actually be losing money with each sale.
Determine the needs of your customers through market research. Then decide on specific markets to target and determine what product will satisfy their needs.

Years ago I consulted with a high-end dental lab. Their clients were dentists who offered cosmetic dentistry to their patients. One of the most memorable stories I heard from the general manager was about when she worked for a dentist in Montana. A rancher in his sixties who wore bib overalls everywhere he went came in for a consultation to see about having a full set of veneers. The investment was going to be well over $50,000. Many people would have judged this man’s ability to pay for this type of service based on his appearance. As it turned out, once the dentist was consulted and the price was established, the rancher left and returned a short while later with cash in hand to pay in full for the veneers.

The general manager said she learned long ago not to judge a potential patient by their appearance. However, they did do some preliminary work to establish whether the rancher was indeed a good fit for their services.

Avoid trying to sell something before establishing whether your product truly offers the best solution. Be careful not to prejudge a person’s ability and motivation to buy. And don’t compromise your core values by forcing a sale rather than attracting business through the Law of Attraction. When your values are in alignment with your market, your offerings, and your message, the process of growing your business becomes a flowing experience. That is not to say there is no effort involved; quite the opposite. But things begin to flow and feel effortless a great deal of the time.

When marketing is done for your products and services go beyond the obvious steps of marketing. Get into the energy of the process. When you do the results will amaze you.

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