A marketing essay is ordinarily written as a presentation of an idea, product or service with an aim of attracting customers. The aim is to identify an issue or problem in the market and come up with practical solutions that can be applied, therefore it is necessary that you understand the topic and find the necessary information. The target of your marketing essay should be noted as it will guide you as you write the paper. Outline details to each section of the marketing essay so that when you get down to the actual writing of the essay, it flows with creativity and intelligent details. Various case studies can be presented to follow up the ideas presented in the marketing essay. It is this outline that should be strictly followed when writing the actual essay
As you begin to write your marketing essay be sure to have an appealing introduction and have a summary of the topic/question indicating the statement of your marketing essay, a body with elaborations of arguments with relation to the essay question and an ending that briefly concludes the contents of the marketing essay. The topic selected should neither be too shallow or too broad. A very broad topic will not be effectively covered and the target audience will be dissatisfied and you as the writer will no have achieved the main goal of writing down that marketing essay. A shallow topic on the other hand will barely give new information.
Since a marketing essay is detailed and is written with the sole aim of solving a specific issue, examples and evidence to support ideas you have written in the essay are necessary. It is also important to note that the language to be used when writing a marketing essay should be persuasive so as to interest and draw the expected reader’s attention from all angles. When writing your marketing research you should portray a high degree of business intelligence and it should plainly show that you are aware of what, as the writer, you are talking about. It is important therefore to be widely read and informed of the topic you are going to discuss about in your marketing essay. Your thought should be expressed precisely and with the expertise required to arouse the target. To enable you to have a smooth flow of ideas, begin the marketing essay by reviewing works of other experts of that field.
After writing the entire marketing essay, write out a conclusion that wraps up what you have talking about and answers any pending queries from the rest of the marketing essay work. Sometimes you can suggest recommendations and suggestions in relation to the research topic it is important that you revise the written work ensuring that the right marketing jargon is used and to enable you to ponder over other ideas that can be added to the research essay so as to make it more informative. When done writing your marketing essay/research put down a list of your citations and bibliographies. Ensure that your sources are credible e.g. books from reputable authors or institution. The use of the internet, magazines should be limited.

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