A lot of students graduating from BMS colleges in Pune or elsewhere choose to work in the field of marketing. They feel that the knowledge they have gained in learning subjects like organizational behavior, negotiation, strategic management, etc is best applied in this field. However, before joining a marketing company on a full-time basis, it is advisable to do an internship. This gives students an idea about the marketing process behind a project and broadens their horizons about the field. Fortunately, marketing companies do hire interns for various positions. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Assistant Brand Manager

A company expects its assistant brand managers to be creative and result-oriented in their approach. They are supposed to come up with new ideas for brand-strategies and explain them concisely to the sales team so that they can pitch it clearly to the clients. To illustrate the plans in detail, the assistant brand manager has to be an excellent communicator. Communication skills also come in handy when presenting creative ideas during team meetings. To generate these ideas, the intern has to read competitor case studies and analyse the current market trends. Ideas derived from research are easier to implement and can meet the objectives of new projects. Once the project is complete, the assistant brand manager has to make reports reviewing the performance of the brand and the sales team.

With so many responsibilities to shoulder, this role teaches interns a lot about marketing.

2. Marketing Assistant

Every marketing manager needs an assistant to help them with developing sales strategies for marketing campaigns. A marketing assistant is tasked with compiling useful financial information in a spreadsheet and conducting market research. Market research is done by analysing public responses to questionnaire. Once the responses are gathered, the assistant applies marketing techniques like analytics, social media impressions, etc. to gather relevant data. It is then passed on to the sales team to assist them in their strategy making.

The other responsibilities might include assisting promotional activities and managing social media accounts. With the opportunity to work in three verticals, marketing assistant is a good role for an intern.

3. Media Planner

A media planner is tasked with identifying media platforms that will advertise the client’s products in the best possible way. The right platform is chosen by analysing various forms of print and digital media through extensive market research. Then, it’s time to think about various platform conducive advertising strategies. These strategies need to effectively target the client’s target market.

A media planner has to maintain good relations with the owners of various newspapers and television channels, so as to increase the effectiveness of the advertisement. Other responsibilities may include maintaining good relations with clients, proofread advertisement copy before release, present proposals to the client, and so forth. So for students interested in an advertising career, interning in this role counts for a good experience.

By now, you have a small but a detailed list of the marketing roles you can intern in. The best colleges for BMS in India actively invite companies to recruit their students for internship. So, when an opportunity like that presents itself, grab it with both hands. All the best!

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