Since 2017, Web3 Motive, the company that creates the Metaverse client, has been working on the Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) project. In February 2019, Web3 Motive announced the launch of the first public version of MaaS.

By removing the requirement that dapps operate on your own server, this new type of Dapp hosting will make it simpler to utilize them. It will also streamline the process of getting started with smart contracts by giving customers pre-built smart contracts that can be used in their applications.

Describe MVS

MVS, or Metaverse as a Service, aims to make Metaverse an effective, user-friendly platform for all developers. All dApp developers will be able to utilize our framework to create their own blockchain apps after MVS has been put up by some of our team members at Onchain and deployed on top of the Metaverse platform.

The Advantages of MVS

Web developers will be encouraged to modify dApps with Meta's blockchain ecosystem in mind through Metaverse as a service. Developers will be able to fully utilize Meta's special characteristics and functions, such as immutability, simplicity of use, and digital identities, by utilizing MVS.

While some may still view cryptocurrency as being in the meta-newbie stage, many people—including prominent influencers—believe that it has a promising future. Furthermore, its technical adaptability is one of these grounds.

Allowing anybody in their community or business to build their own customized coin on top of whatever current blockchain they choose is a key element of decentralization.

How Are We Putting MVS in Place?

What precisely is Metaverse as a Service (MVS) then? Deploying decentralized apps (DApps) on an established network is made possible by MVS, thus the term "as a service." MetaVerse Anticipation Engines (MAE) that function on our exclusive Ethereum testnet will be made available to MVS. Users on MVS can access blockchain-based resources without having their own internal network available thanks to the MAEs that have been established expressly for DApp testing.

How the Market Will Appear When It Launches

Soon, you'll be able to quickly purchase or sell something by entering any Ethereum-based marketplace. Although you will still be in charge of carrying out your own transactions, you can be sure that they are valid since Metaverse is serving as a secure facilitator. Whether you decide on eBay or Amazon won't matter; even online shops like Etsy will accept Ethereum-based payments in addition to their regular ones.

The Crypto Future Of Digital Identity

For blockchain technology to be widely adopted, consumers and developers must be able to experience dApps with complete, secure digital identities.

The business Metaverse, which develops crypto exchanges, has declared its intention to provide such solution and, by doing so, potentially play a key role in the adoption of distributed ledger technology.

Through the use of smart contracts, their service, which they're calling Metaverse as a Service (MaaS), would enable people and businesses all around the world to build their own digital identities. With MaaS, millions of customers and organizations that have never heard of cryptocurrencies or decentralized applications might soon have access to blockchain-based services.


With Metaverse, your cryptocurrency exchange development company will have an advantage over their rivals. They may create an exchange that attracts investors who already have positions in other cryptocurrencies, especially because Metaverse is set up to allow for the frictionless transfer of wealth from other platforms into your Met account. Metaverse is the only place you need to seek if you want access to trade altcoins and a new home for your cryptocurrency assets.

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