When marketing your business on the internet you must learn to think in terms of connecting with people by building relationships! Yeah I know the internet is a technically advanced environment however your success online requires you focus on those you promote to and not the latest and greatest software, scripts and/or codes! Remember you're a marketer and not a web designer so think like one and this starts with building trust and credibility with others! If people don't respect you for what you know or how you treat them, they'll pay little attention to what you offer, plain and simple!

Here are 5 rock solid and simple strategies you'll need to apply if you've got any notions of experiencing business success online!

Be Seen

Sharing links to your website or blog is a great way to increase your exposure! Using social media and submitting articles are both very effective strategies to accomplish this objective! There are many other ways you can use but the point here is without getting out in 'front' of people your success online will be limited!

Be Heard

Yes you've got a voice so use it at any of the many available social network sites found on the internet! These sites present great opportunities for building relationships with those interested in what you offer! These communities allow for give and take with those you come in contact with so take advantage and keep it casual! Another great way to share your views or insights is by blogging! These platforms offer a very effective way for you to interact with customers or your target audience! Let your hair down, so to speak, and allow for your personality to shine through since this alone will help you stand out! One other very important point here is to ALWAYS be honest with others since deceit will only serve to undermine any efforts you may invest in building trust with them!

Be Helpful

Nowadays it is most effective to first get the attention of others by being helpful or supplying them with useful information! This in turn makes building trust with them all the more easier which tends to lower their resistance to your sales pitches thereby increasing your marketing effectiveness! Here too this is a process that takes time and a CONSISTENT effort on your part so don't expect overnight results!

Be Trusted

As mentioned above the more you display the willingness to help others without the expectation of compensation, the easier building trust with them becomes! The importance of developing a trusting relationship with people can NOT be over emphasized since without it you'll have little credibility and will simply be ignored! Another fact of life to recognize here is, unfortunately, people tend to remember bad experiences much more than good ones! To avoid negative labels simply avoid any actions that put your credibility at risk! If it's not true or you can't back up a promise than simply walk away since one 'white lie' can undermine your attempts at business success online!

Be Consistent

Whether reinforcing your brand or following up on promises or requests, you must consistently display a willingness to be helpful! Along those same lines, claims you make or actions you take must display a consistency with any actions or claims taken or made in the past! The slightest inconsistency will cause folks to doubt you thus rendering all your efforts at building relationships and trust useless! Whenever there is money involved, trust is a must or you can forget about making any sales whatsoever!

Marketing your business on the internet requires a hell of a lot more than simply slapping up a website and calling it a day! You're promoting to people therefore you'll want to focus on building trust with them to simply get their attention! Building relationships is the first step and this is a process that will take time and plenty of patience! The key to your business success online will ultimately come from the patience and consistency you invest in connecting with others and NOT your superior technical skills, which really aren't required! In the end the 5 simple strategies discussed here today will be all you'll need, along with good product offers, to taste success online! Not get busy, make friends by applying simple people skills and the money will come! It really is that simple provided you supply the patience and time!

Author's Bio: 

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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