Travelling is fun when you are with the right people and make the right decisions. On average, a traveler takes 2 to 3 days to search, compare, and book tour packages, vehicles, and room stay. If you go for the itinerary, tour guide, events, and activity booking the time taken can be more than 2-3days. The most difficult part of this entire process is looking for the right vehicle. How about a platform or a marketplace where just like a supermarket you can get all the vehicles in one place? You not only save time but you save money also. What’s more? You get to avail services from credible partners where every single thing is verified and checked for your safety. To put this entire arrangement in one word, we are talking about a “market place”. Here you can avail of all types of vehicle rental services on a single platform.

Less known benefits of booking from a marketplace
Ease of booking

When you book from a marketplace you get to search, compare, and book the vehicle from the same platform. What’s more? You get to choose from and compare from different vehicle partners. So you can choose a vehicle either on the basis of price, your specific requirement, or based on the feedback of other travelers.

If you have a smartphone, you can just download and book from the app or website. No need to browse for the right vehicle for hours and no hassle of booking offline from travel agencies.  

Get to choose the right vehicle
Booking through a marketplace gives you an opportunity to choose the right vehicle from a huge fleet of types and models of vehicles. So you can book a taxi rental, self-drive car rental, and geared or non-geared bikes from the same platform. Isn’t this convenient and easy! Your entire browsing improves while booking from such platforms.

When you book from a marketplace you get an invoice that is immediately sent to your email after confirmation. Even the entire booking process is also very transparent whereby you can choose the travel dates, place, and vehicle. The entire amount gets calculated with bifurcation into segments and is visible before booking, so you exactly know what you are paying for. The online process of payment is not only convenient but safer as well, as you get a touch less booking. 

Safer than others
Booking a vehicle through a marketplace is safer on account of many reasons; few of them are mentioned here. As a traveler you get to book from travel partners, the credibility of whom is verified before having them on board. The past history of every driver is checked, you get sanitized and affordable vehicles, and any unnecessary contact are discouraged. Every staff from the team is also screened regularly and as a mandate, everyone in the team wears a mask and uses sanitizers. So traveling is both safe and affordable. 

Get well-maintained vehicles
Marketplaces use interactive technology to give you a fair idea about the condition of the vehicle. This may be with the help of photographs of the vehicle interiors and exterior, a video clip of the vehicle, and making available all the information related to the vehicle. Now information can mean mileage, year of purchase, PUC certification, and so on. Every marketplace finds its own way of making the browsing convenient for its travelers.

Dedicated team for support
Marketplaces have a round the clock support system for the travelers (Some may be giving limited support). Support involves assisting you in booking, giving information about the vehicle, complete information about the policies, and solving all the refund related issues.

Apart from these in case you face any major problem on the road, you can seek their support as you may be new to the place. 

In case this article gives you a fair idea about what is a marketplace exactly and why booking a vehicle through a marketplace is recommended. You can visit the Padharo platform each time you book a vehicle. Apart from vehicles we also cater to tour packages, vehicle rentals, room stays, events, and activity booking. Every good travel experience begins with Padharo.

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Sudhir patel is the writer of Padharo Travel and other travel domains as well.