because of those physical and physiological variations among males and females, if the latter have been truely available to men for marriage without the prerequisite of attempting to find their guardians’ approval first, it's going to allow adult males to move spherical marrying and divorcing girls at their whim and fancy, with out taking on the obligation of their financial maintenance and that of their kids.

it would permit adult males to marry anybody they need, and in a while abandon her — when the onslaught of pregnancies and the addition of little kids made her a lot less sexually on hand and pleasing, and costlier to take care of.

virtually taking a casual appearance at the social dynamics of secular, “unfastened” societies in recent times, the region men don’t want the elders’/guardians’ permission to courtroom or marry a woman, and how the ladies in those societies work complete time as single mums, compromising on their kids’ upbringing by putting them in daycare because of they want to go to work to deliver for them, will make us appreciate the command of Allah that deters adult males from utilising girls most effective for delight and procreation and guards single women like jewels, not on hand for every person to make use of and discard at will.

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