Marriage and Career Problems: Balancing Work and Marriage - Balance Between Work and Family

A demanding and growing career can take a lot of time and energy. If you're not careful, it can have a negative impact on your marriage. It's important to find a healthy way to balance both so that you can ensure that your marriage is being nurtured.

1. Establish Priorities

Make a list of your top five priorities in life. Where does your career fall? How about your marriage? Then, look at how much time you devote to each of your priorities. Make sure that your time and energy accurately reflects your priorities. For example, if you claim your marriage is your top priority, how much time and energy do you devote to your marriage each week compared to the other things on the list?

2. Be Dependable

Although your career most likely demands that you're dependable, it's essential that your spouse can depend on you as well. Follow through with what you say and remember your behaviors speak louder than words. If you say, "I'll be home for dinner," make sure you're home for dinner.

3. Learn how to say "No"

Saying "no" can be hard sometimes. But if you want to balance a busy career with a happy marriage, it's important to be able to do so. Maybe it means saying "no" when your boss asks you take on one more extra project. Or maybe it means learning how to say "no" to that family members who always wants your help on the weekends. Saying "no" to other things means saying "yes" to your marriage.

4. Take Care of Yourself

You won't do anyone any good if you aren't taking care of yourself. Make sure to get plenty of rest, eat a healthy diet, and get exercise. See your doctor regularly and follow through with medical treatment. Taking care of yourself can help ensure that you will be able to give your best to both your job and your spouse.

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5. Take Your Spare Time Seriously

Your spare time can quickly and easily slip away if you aren't careful. An hour or two of watching TV or a few minutes on the computer here and there can really add up. Take charge of your spare time and make conscious decisions about how you want to spend it. Don't waste your spare hours doing things that don't really matter to you.

6. Leave Work at the Office

Don't bring your work home with you physically or emotionally. If you're upset about a long day at the office, don't let it spill into your time with your spouse. Instead, learn how to leave your work behind you at the end of the day. Also, be cautious about doing work from home. Answering emails, responding to voicemails and finishing up a little work that didn't get done at the office can really eat into your spare time fast. Set limits about how much work you'll do at home. If you normally work from home, find ways to transition from your "work day" to your "home life" so that the two don't simply blend together.

7. Hold Family Meetings

Schedule meeting times to sit down with your spouse to go over the day to day operations of the house. Decide who is going to handle what for the week. For example, discuss who will take the kids to soccer, who will schedule the dog's vet appointment, and how you're going to find time to squeeze that trip to Grandma's house. Setting aside time to communicate about the details can ensure you're both of the same page and it can prevent arguing later in the week when one of you is tempted to say, "You didn't tell me that!"

8. Support Your Spouse's Career

Whether your spouse also works for a demanding job or your spouse is a full-time stay-at-home parent, support your spouse's endeavors. Recognize your spouse's needs and try to make your spouse's days less stressful. Offer to pack your spouse's lunch, charge the laptop or iron tomorrow's outfit to show you aren't only invested in what you do but care about your spouse's career as well.

9. Do Household Chores Together

Doing some chores together around the house can be a great way to squeeze in some quality time. Whether you're raking leaves, washing dishes, or cooking together, use it as an opportunity to talk and enjoy one another's company. It will make your chores feel like less of a burden and can help you feel like you're accomplishing something as a team.

10. Schedule Time for Fun

Don't forget to schedule time for fun. If you don't schedule it though, it's a lot less likely to happen. So make sure you set aside time to go on dates with one another. Also, try to plan at least one big adventure together each year. A weekend away or even an overnight trip can go a long way to helping you preserve your marriage.

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Nobody said that a marriage will ever be a smooth path, and if at all anyone so said, then he or she was somewhat lying. It is without a glitch that in a marriage, disagreements have to be borne as well as other times when situations entail extra efforts than has been the case. In a world that one can term to be ideal, such happenings call for sitting together and talking about such differences in a manner that is not only calm, but also rational for purposes of establishing an end result and the subsequent going on of things. On the contrary, this hardly happens like so; it is with great ease that individuals (as for this case couples) may be ensnared in some way and resultantly let things deteriorate to the extent that they both may wonder the reason as to why they are still holding on to the marriage. In such a conflicting situation, there is therefore a need to be well acquainted the steps to be taken in order to still strengthen the relationship even when the times are seemingly challenging. Discussed below are some of the basic lessons or tips on how to save a failing marriage from divorce.

Recognize the signs: Some marriage ends up in divorce simply because the couples assumed the signs. It is therefore important for the two to not only recognize them but also do something about them. Ignoring such signs with hopes that they will eventually varnish worsens everything. For a marriage to be saved, these signs should be addressed.

Communication: It is quite imperative to schedule a time in which the couple will talk face-to-face of the issues that caused the conflict or misunderstanding. Such a time ought to be the one when there will be no interruptions and when the couple can engage in an open discussion. In the discussion, it is advisable to kick it off with even matter not pertaining to the problem, such as how the two of you met, what attracted you to one another and such like things. This can be followed by shortly discussing of your future then later address the issue which brought the two of you at longer heads.

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Weigh between the Quick versus the Best Solution: Do not be in a hurry to rest on the easiest solution; instead be careful to identify and embrace the best long-term solution. This is because marriage, besides being sacred, is an implied commitment for lifelong stay with one another.

Practice the You, Mine and Ours Philosophy: Building both intimacy and togetherness on the basis of mutual interests is of great importance. Likewise, having an inner and outer personal life still matters a lot in marriage. As thus, a couple ought to respect each other's differences since this strengthens the relationship.

Criticisms should be gently made: In saving a failing marriage from divorce, it is advisable for the couple to refrain from judging harshly. In the event that criticism is inevitable, let it be done in a gentle manner; as one would like criticized by the other party.

Courting: Treat one another with the courtesies displayed during the dating times. Make a pretense that you are making efforts of winning your partner once more.

Romance: Importantly, uphold your image of romance alive even when situations are not such pleasing. Every single day, make an effort of doing one romantic gesture to your spouse.

In conclusion therefore, couples ought to do what it takes to sustain the marriage, though the approach of the problem at hand might not be done with the intensity or using similar tools.

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Not all of the advice you read online is really going to help you save your marriage. Although there may be grains of truth in what these authors have to say, you have to be able to selectively choose what will work in your situation and what will only take a further toll on your relationship. Since it's impossible to know what you should believe, you have to seriously think about what's going on in your life in light of the information you've been given, and eliminate the bits of advice you know aren't going to help your cause. Go with your gut, and listen to what your spouse has to say, if you want to save your marriage and stop divorce.

Some articles are going to tell you that you don't need to communicate more while others will advise you to start talking. The key is to strike a happy medium. If you tend to be very taciturn, you may want to step up your game a bit. Your spouse can't possibly know how you feel unless you're willing to share the information. If you're prone to talking too much, though, this is when you'll need to tone it down and listen to your spouse instead of doing all the talking. In addition, what you say can hurt you. A lot of begging and pleading isn't going to sway a determined mind, but if you can discuss the issues calmly when the time is right, you may stand a fighting chance of saving your marriage.

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You'll find some so-called experts who will tell you that it takes the commitment of you and your spouse to avoid a divorce while others advise that if you want it badly enough, you can make it happen all by yourself. Obviously, both of these people can't be right, so you have to decide what's going to work for you. If your spouse is determined to end your relationship, there are things you can do on you own to help convince him or her that you love them and still want to stay in your relationship. Of course, after you've done your best the rest is up to them, and unless they decide they want to give the marriage another shot, you can't force them to do so. It's your call as to when to keep trying and when to give it up.

There is lots of poor advice floating around in cyberspace, and if you choose to use the Internet to find techniques you can use to save your marriage, you have to expect that opinions will vary. Some of the people who write the articles have actually lived the advice they're giving you, and although it may have worked for them, you and your spouse are two different people, and it may not work for you. Only you can make the ultimate decision of what the best way to go about trying to reconcile your differences is.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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By understanding why many marriages end in divorce you may be able to prevent this from taking place in your partnership. Most couples with problems say lack of communication skills as one of the biggest reasons their marriage is not working. In order to keep your relationship harmonious, both partners must be able to communicate and exercise unified conflict resolution. Unlike a strong married couple, people who possess issues in their marriage will claim that they have no problem with communicating and resolving conflicts. partners need to put in the effort to put in time and work to improve their marriage to maintain a healthy status, regardless of their current position.

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Several studies have proven that attempting various styles of communications are actually quite effective, given the high success rate. Trying new styles will eventually result in you both finding comfortable forms that work well and share. Fixing the underlying problems of communication and conflict resolution, along with a willingness to learn from stories of other couples, will definitely give you and your marriage a fighting chance to succeed. Remember, that marriage is a wonderful gift and should be treasured.

You need to do whatever it takes to make the marriage function, both people need to put in their 110% to right the wrongs. Divorce is not always the best solution to the issues happening in you marriage. It may take some time and it can be hard but there is always anticipation to repair a broken marriage and ways to make it work.

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