Do you know what the number one issue couples argue about? You guessed it - money! A difference of opinion on the best use of money, lack of communication about money, dishonesty with respect to spending, overspending, what appears to be lack of money, all cause madness in marriage and take away from marital bliss.

So, how should you really approach the topic of money in your marriage, and what's the best way to manage your money? Is it best to keep your money in separate accounts or keep it all together?

The answer is that it's different for every couple. I've worked with many couples and because each couple has their own goals and needs, what works for one couple just doesn't work for another. Some feel most comfortable with all of their money in one account with equal oversight while other couples wish to have separate accounts and share expenses but manage their income separately.

In staying away from money madness in your relationship and holding onto marital bliss, here's what's most important:

1. Establish your financial goals: Write down your financial goals - clearly define which debts you'll pay off and the timeline for doing so, as well as determining a savings plan to build wealth. Success comes when goals are clearly defined and a plan of action is put in place for achievement.

2. Schedule monthly money meetings: Twice monthly discuss with your partner the state of your finances and whether you're on financial track for the month. Be open to listening to each other and to whatever might need changing. If you find these meetings to be a bit awkward or uncomfortable initially, it may benefit you both to talk over a romantic dinner, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

3. Focus on your strengths: Couples often argue about whose doing what in marriage - you may be paying all the bills while your spouse never shares in the task. This is really where couples can focus on their strengths. If one of you has a knack for detail and timeliness, paying closer attention to the numbers will be perfect for you, but if your spouse is really great at keeping papers together and organized, this is where he/she would be an asset. What's most important is for each of you to play on your strengths in reaching your financial dreams and goals.

4. Be honest: Make a pact to be totally honest with each another and discuss and agree upon any big wish purchases. Maybe it's important for you to have some of your own "mad money" every month to spend on your wants so make room within your money plan for such purchases.

5. Unify in reaching your financial goals: Teamwork in reaching a common goal will surely get you to financial independence. Arguing doesn't get you to where you truly want to be in your financial life so let your focus be on your financial dreams and winning at your game of financial freedom together!

6. Celebrate your financial successes: Always remember to celebrate all your financial successes-dine at your favorite restaurant or do something special where you both can get excited about all that you have achieved. Rewarding yourself and recognizing your achievements will motivate you to keep on succeeding.

Getting rid of money madness in your relationship means you'll be one step closer to marital bliss!

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