A marriage relationship is considered to be the best relationship between a boy and girl, but would it be a good idea for you to date the individual who does not have any desire for weddings with you in future? I don't think you would like to do all this at all.

What to do if your partner doesn't want to marry you

Marriage Relationship can be questionable and sometimes place us in some extremely unpredictable circumstances. You may have been dating someone for a long while and everything is going really well. You have begun considering what the future holds for 'both' of you and when you indicate marriage, your accomplice explains he/she isn't keen on marriage. In any case, pause, rather than in a flash choosing to contend or part your ways, here are the means by which you can manage this circumstance.

Try to know what is the reason for her/his disregard of Marriage?

First of all, try to understand why your partner is against the idea of ​​getting married. Is it because he has not forgotten his or her past and still wants his old girlfriend and boyfriend? Do you just like them and they have not yet thought about the Marriage Relationship? Detecting the exact cause will help you understand the feelings of your partner's mind and deal with the situation more practically.

What about your feelings?

Prior to breaking down to any end, it is extremely significant that you gain clearness about what are your needs from an accomplice and a relationship. What makes you want to wed your accomplice in future? Is it just fascination or you quite love? Will your sweetheart be a decent spouse/wife? Keeping the affection aside, okay have the option to deal with your funds together? In particular, ask yourself what marriage intends to you and for what valid reason you need to make this stride?

Give some time to things

In such a case, there may be different expectations about your relationship between your lover and you. You can both get together a middle path. That's why it is better than you take part in some time by participating in it. There is no point contributing your feelings, time and vitality into a relationship that can't oblige your needs and thus has no future.

​Have the talk!

Once you understand this situation from all the perspectives that both of you have no future together then you should discuss with your partner. Be honest about this and tell what you think about each other and own future.

Many of us are forcibly bonded in this relationship because they think things will be fixed after some time. But this is very rare in real life. If you are not happy with the relationship, how can you be happy and satisfied in the future? However, do break up now is a bit painful for you but it is better than being confused.

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