Does your spouse think "Its all about him/her"?

Philippians 2:3-4 ~ Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out for not his own interest, but also for interest of others.

If your marriage isn't working exactly how you would like it to, consider the above scripture. Doing more for your spouse than for yourself, will create a happier marriage. Does your spouse think its all about him or her? Do you feel they are always thinking only of themself? Could it possibly be that way because your spouse needs you to feel more like its about him or her?

We are all born naturally self-centered. Have you ever watched a couple of one to two year old children with toys? They each could have their own toy to play with but that's not the toy they want. They want the toy that the other child has. Ever seen this happen?

From a very early age in our life, we are self-centered. It is natural. If you make an effort to put your spouse first, you will see a difference develop in your marriage.

Look at it this way, how can your spouse be angry with you if you if are doing something nice or thoughtful for him/her? Is your spouse going to get angry because you are being nice? Who would benefit if you removed the self-centeredness you have within you? You? Your spouse? Both? You tell me!

When you get in the habit of doing more for your spouse than you do for yourself, you will find that you will, in return, be thought about more often.

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Rhonda Neely is a Certified Christian Life Coach specializing in family and relationship coaching based on Christian values. She has helped many families successfully restore their marriage or other types of relationships. Rhonda provides an ongoing partnership with her clients, designed to help them produce fulfilling results in their personal life. Rhonda helps people improve their own performance with forward movement action steps to enhance the skills that the client already has. Receive her monthly "Commit" newsletter and free report "5 Ways to Keep a Marriage Healthy" by visiting visit her website at