Marriage also termed as the WEDLOCK is an agreement that unites two people of opposite sex. The marriage ceremony that is the wedding customs differs according to the caste and religion.Different religion follows different customs. For instance Hindu families give importance for horoscope matching between the spouses whereas Muslims and Christians do not look the horoscope matching.

People of Kerala generally follow traditional methods of matchmaking.The parents take up the responsibility of finding a proper match for their child. Not only parents even family members involve and helps in finding a suitable alliance for the girl or the boy. The prime or the initial step is to inform the society about the parents intention of getting their son or daughter married. When a suitable alliance is bought together with the individual compatibility of the girl and boy the family members check about the educational qualification, jobs, family status, family background as well as the financial setup of the boy or girl.If they are satisfied they proceed further. Horoscope matching is one of the important factors in Hindu marriages. Only if the horoscopes match they fix an auspicious day on which the boy’s family members come to the girl’s house. The girl is dressed beautifully and brought in front of the family members. If both the family members agree then a date is fixed for engagement on which the boy and girl exchange each other golden ring.This is then followed by deciding an auspicious date for the marriage and both the families exchange plates filled with fruits, silk, beetle leaves etc.

The Christian marriages are held in churches in front of the vicar. The bride wears a white gown or an off white sari and also a veil. The groom wears formal suit.The priest then welcomes the couples and wedding mass is conducted. Then the holy hymns are chanted and songs are sung. The priest makes speech on the importance of family life, love, care and adjustments. Then the two couples make promises to stay together in love, be loyal to each other as long as they live. They exchange rings and get the final blessings from the priest. They finally sign on the marriage register present in the church.

The Muslim marriages begin with the arrival of the groom. He along with his friends and family are welcomed by the bride’s family members.The boy is then presented with gifts called as Mehr which is decided by the family members. It is the Maulavi who conducts the marriage. The contract offered by the groom is accepted by the bride. The lines from Quran are read. The couples are then allowed to see each other through a mirror.A prayer is also held after which the bride is bid farewell by her relatives.

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