There are literally hundreds of martial arts available for you to practise and all of them can have significant health benefits for you. In this article we will consider possible martial arts you could consider and also just what health benefits you could get from regular practise of them.

What Martial Arts are Available?

When most people think of martial arts they think of things like karate and judo. These are usually quite physically demanding and are great for improving overall fitness, for help with self defence and also for aiding control of the mind and body. However if you want something a little less demanding then you could consider a martial art such as Tai Chi, Daoyin or Qi Gong. These tend to use much slower and lower impact movements than judo. They will also incorporate elements such as deep breathing and meditation which in themselves can have significant health benefits.

Benefits of Martial Arts

One of the things that all martial arts have in common is that they teach a person to take control over their minds and bodies. This means they could have significant benefits for people suffering from conditions such as anxiety and stress. This control can make a person feel more empowered and so can help to raise self confidence and self-esteem.

In addition all martial arts will help with your overall fitness and in fact in a study it was found that people in their 40s and 50s who regularly practised a martial arts had a much higher level of fitness over their counterparts who did not practise a martial art.

One important thing related to the lower impact martial arts is they can help with your posture as well as increasing your range of motion. For this reason it is believed that Tai Chi and similar martial arts could be very beneficial for people suffering from arthritis and similar conditions. They can help in more than one way. Firstly it can help to increase the range of motion and so helping someone with arthritis to increase what they are able to do. In addition it is also thought to improve the state of mind of an arthritis sufferer and so helping them to deal with their condition in a much more positive way.

In addition the practise of martial arts is thought to aid sleep so that it can be helpful for insomnia, it also helps reduce blood pressure, improves the immune system and reduces bone loss particularly in women who are post-menopausal.


It is clear from the above that there are a large number of benefits from practising martial arts. However there are a lot to choose form so it is important that you do not give up if you don’t get on with the first one you try. We would recommend doing some research first to find the one that you think suits you best. Then it is a good idea to find a teacher who is experiences but is also someone you can get on with. Alternatively you could find a DVD where you can learn many of the techniques at home however it is often easier with a teacher showing you where you are going wrong. It is also important to remember to practise regularly. If you can set aside 20 minutes each day to practise your martial art you will get the maximum benefits.

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