The High Priestess is a powerful reminder for us to trust our own insight.

This card shows the duality of the masculine and feminine principals and reminds us to stay balanced with our actions.
Some of the key ideas are to help us see where we might be sacrificing our softness for our hardness.
The upper part of the card has beautiful wavy lines and lot's of curves. Below the waist of the High Priestess the lines are very straight and harsh.
On the head of the High Priestess is a crown made up of the crescent moon . This reminds us of the reflective qualities of the moon. This is a very feminine symbol. Helping us to remember the feminine holds the dream for mankind and all things are birthed from the feminine and sparked by the masculine principal.
The crescent moon holds the symbol of the sun. The masculine yang active energy. Again the crescent shape of the moon is symbolically a womb space holding the dream for all things.
The qualities of the dynamic yang energy of the sun keep us focused on the idea of taking action on our dreams that we have been holding in the womb space. With balance, we have to fertilize the dream seed before they have the where with all to go forth on their own. Apply these ideas to the things you are feeling possible. You are getting psychic hits and intuiting possibilities.
Perfecting the balance of the two opposites. If the card is upside down, take a look at how you are running your energy. Are you too passive and not taking any action on your intuitive ideas? Are you too yang like and not giving your self time to receive impressions?
In Egypt to wear this crown was a sign of royalty. This cards some times represent Isis and Kwan Yin.
If you have ever felt drawn to one of these Goddess images factor that into your interpretation of this card. The Goddess may be trying to send you a message.
On the bottom half of the card you see the flowers, fruit and the camel. To me the fruit is a way of saying your intuition is one of your natural gifts from spirit.
To remind us we like the camels are resourceful and can find the oasis with in to nurture our self when need be.
The beautiful crystals on either sides are about our intuition and trusting it. Also acknowledging the different qualities of intuition. Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.
The numerical value is the 2, again about polarity. Masculine and Feminine, light and dark, yin and yang.
You can use the other 2 value cards in the deck as well to help you round out your interpretation.
As usual when this card is upside down or ill dignified it has a different meaning. You can see more about the reversals on my Blog and MarVeena web site.

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MarVeena the Ghost Queen lives on a horse ranch near Dallas, TX. As a young woman she had a Near Death Experience that altered the course of her life. As a result of the injuries she began having visions and conversations with people no longer living. This got her started on a life long pursuit of spiritual understanding and awakening.
Now she gives special mediumship reading and teaches self mastery programs through out the US.
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